Skill tree on insane

hey guys I’m attempting the insane levels now and I’m wondering what the best build for Gabe will be, I barely was able to beat the final boss last time and wonder if insane mode if I will stand a chance at all if I don’t have the best skill tree for my main characters.

so what did you do for gabe’s skill tree? I feel on insane healing won’t do much of anything at all and I should go toward the paragon tree…but maybe in the final boss if I make him a surgeon all that faraway healing will actually be helpful?

what are your best builds for insane mode guys?

The best skill tree is bring a friend, you can upgrade it to bring 2 friends to play on casual while you use the robot on insane.

talking gears tactics my dude

Oh yeah it doesn’t filter it :man_shrugging:t2:Is there not enough OP guides yet on trueachievements etc 0.o

i found guides but none of them mention insane mode builds

I always empower/teamwork sniper buy try to clean up easy/downed targets with Gabe when possible.

Edit: build was no good on insane

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are these the skills you used??? but I’m playing on insane, where there are no downs you just outright die, reviving teammates isn’t an option for me :confused:

Pretty sure he meant cleaning up downed Locust with Gabe so they don’t get revived(although so far that is behavior not very commonly exhibited by the enemy AI, often they ignore downs to shoot or move around your units).

Encourage (passive when you revive a downed unit) is useless in insane because you do not have downed state.

@RandmPigGrenade, as you guessed, Paragon is probably one of the best tree to support your team mate on Insane. Level 5 build

After that I will probably try to get the bottom/right “Surge”.

With your onw taste, at level 7 I would suggest something like this:

Combat medic is probable the worst path to take on insane.

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yeah I was think of taking him this route, it looked the best on insane…though the support class on insane doesn’t seem too reliable as a whole

When it comes to Insane, a scout built around grenades is the S+ God Tier must have. Second to them though is a support built to buff your scout through the roof, and finish off stragglers with chainsaw kills.

shoot ive been sending specter down the recon route to cover ground so I could get more stash crates maybe I should have gone for the demo route instead :scream:

Explosives build for the Scout in Tactics is extremely useful. Gone for it pretty much every time on my existing playthroughs(was going through Experienced, not done with that yet), especially good for laying mines everywhere and closing emergence holes. The Gnasher also isn’t that bad but I wouldn’t go charging in at every opportunity. Especially if the units that create poison clouds on death(or Tickers and Wretches) are around.

Broadly speaking, I tend to opt for the following builds:


  • Paragon (Empower is such an important ability as it gives team mates extra AP)
  • Strategist (Surge is excellent when used to auto cooldown the Sniper’s abilities like Chainshot etc).


  • Shock Trooper
  • Assault


  • Marksman
  • Hunter (Chain Shot and Ultimate Shot are excellent for regaining extra AP. Once you buff up damage output and critical hit chances, you can singlehandedly clear out large groups of enemies in a single turn)


  • Raider (Bloodlust is great for healing the Scout when they get kills. I like to use Exertion for the extra AP which also takes away some of your health, but coupled with Commando buffs which buff grenades, enable you to heal that lost health by using a grenade on groups of weaker enemies like Juvies).
  • Commando (this path buffs grenades and gives you proxy mines which are very useful. Try to find the UIR armour pieces and you can get to a stage where your grenade ability refreshes every turn).


  • Defender (Overwatch is very important and this branch buffs overwatch).
    I like the Heavies, but I’ve not really settled on any other branch. The Defender branch gives you most of the skills you need. I buff a couple of the early left-sided skills like Enhanced Anchor and a couple of the Demolitionist ones like the one that increases explosive damage.