Skill is unofficially gone!

Operation 4 Nightmare! Too high bullet magnetism, Movement was already stiff, and non existent. Now you stick to walls? Arcade long GIB range. Now you extend the GIB further? This is just plain stupid. You didn’t remove skill from the game TC. You annihilated it!

How is making these changes adding any skill to rank play? How does this even get considered as a good idea for quality game play? Mindless easy scrub play. I dunno how much more you can dumb down this game any further. But TC will find ways to do so!

Vote of no confidence. Game at the moment is unplayable!


If they don’t fix it, I’m not playing on this ■■■■ show anymore.

I don’t care if it’s an Xbox game, if TC has such a big problem with PC, why don’t they be honest, and just tell Microsoft they are pro Xbox, and pro noob.

Oh that’s right, they won’t do that because they got way to many developers that are beta males working over there at TC, because of this they are too weak to admit they don’t have any balls what so ever.

You idiots turned a manly game into letting the weakest player win over the most skilled players, I hope your happy with yourselves, bunch of pro xbot mofo’s.

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Oh for goodness sake’s, the game is fine. Could the movement be a little faster? Sure. Could the Gnasher be a wee bit weaker? Most certainly. But seriously, at this point its a matter of “Gitting gud”. There is a massive skill gap in the game, though admittedly the ranking system doesn’t seem to account for that. But overall this is a much better game than what they gave us at launch, which truly was skill-less.


At this point the game is so easy and dumb down, the GIB range is so extreamly far a 5 year old can get “gud”. That’s the problem.

Just because you find yourself getting constantly gibbed doesn’t mean that there is not skill gap, oddly enough


Ha ha. Trolling! Your name suits you.

Your originality is stunning. I’ve never heard that one before



The OP uses his own post as the “solution”. Oh dears.


‘Massive skill gap’? Relative to which other Gears game does 5 have a comparable skill gap?

So surely if the game is easier and your so confident in your “skill” playing this game should be on a whole other level of easy for you, else what your saying doesn’t make sense, the games easier to play yet its unplayable for you… because its easy for others :joy::man_facepalming:


All of them. There’s a clear difference in skill between high and low level players. Gears 1/2 aren’t even “competitive” due to the dated movement and bugs (not counting UE). Gears 3 had the cheesy retro, modded hammerburst, SOS, active lancer stopping power and all the explosive power weapons were nutty (+scorcher).

Movement, situational awareness, map knowledge and aim are still prevalent in this game. Sure the movement does not have as much depth as Gears 3 or 4, but it’s not like a skill gap is not there.

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Tell someone who sucks at this game that there’s no skill gap.

There’s is plenty of high level play in Gears 5 and there’s certainly a skill gap.

This topic is getting old and played out.


1000 noobs joining the game to try it because it’s now "easy to pick up " is better than 100 core gamers enjoying a high skill game :slight_smile: that’s TC’s business model.



you idiots turned a manly game into letting the weakest player win over the most skilled players.

what the fact that TC now places the high ranks 2 above the low ranks so you can get all the kills is not good enough?


I am silver 1 and last night had golds on my team solo match so i had to play diamond player. the guy had over 100 elimiantions at least 30 more than the next highest player.

If a high rank is that good it will not matter. they have bigger issue like ping gap and lag. gnasher not fireing.

lets get that cleaned up.


This is the problem with Gears 5 going to Game Pass. They had to make it easier for the 100 new PvP players so they don’t quit the game forever after one blowout match. I noticed the difference between 4 and 5 the moment I booted up 5. Noob friendly from jump. I understand why they did it, still doesn’t sit right with me.


The movement doesn’t have as much depth as any gears game to date, you can’t even strafe in 5 it’s pretty much devoid of any depth with regards to movement. Obviously tricks have been added over time, but with regards to close-quarters fights against multiple opponents there is so little nuance in 5 compared to every other installment. Not all with equal degree of course, as you highlight, 3 and 4 had really nuanced movement potential.

I’m absolutely not saying there is no skill gap, there are people who are really skilled at the game obviously. I think you also have to take into account the relative skill level of gamers over time. Whether or not gears 1 had a higher skill ceiling than 5, it was a completely new type of game and it was 14 years ago. The difference between a noob and an average player on gears 1 was far more noticeable imo than the same comparison for gears 5.



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Really? Well mention that in the next dev stream.

yes, But that doesn’t make it as high a game of skill as some of the past titles.

Imagine if they switched Formula 1 or NASCAR to not have cars all together on the race track. Imagine if drivers now run the course 1 at a time, their times were captured, and the trophies went to the drivers with the shortest times.

the best drivers would STILL win, right? There would STILL be a spread in times, and thus you can claim a skill spread…

but that doesn’t mean the competition wouldn’t be far less skill based than it used it be, since large parts of the high end skills (in navigating between cars, etc) wouldn’t apply and/or wouldn’t give you any benefit anymore.

This is Gears 5… You still have a range of skills to use, and some people are still better at those than other, so there is a scale of rank… But the whole range of available/useful/possible/etc skills is much smaller than it used to be, in the past.

Forgive my crude attempts at manual drawing. For those mathematically inclined this might provide a better explanation of what I mean…

I totally agree… just accept a dumbed down game, and try to learn to enjoy it. Or don’t play it (that’s me… Versus only for daily objectives, in Coop vs ai)

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You don’t have to accept anything. Instead of TC learning their lesson at launch. They double down on easy gameplay for casuals. Once they fall on the face again and fail miserably. The player base won’t be there to help them up this time!

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