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Skill gap between Comp and Core players

(Drinkands im) #62

The tuning doesnt matter as much as your ping/server connection. I play in both tunings and I dont think one takes more skill than the other. They are both fun and that is all that really matters.

(III EnVii III) #63

Well said :+1:

(mike yaworski) #64

That’s like the definition of skill. If someone can pick it up and be good at it much quicker than something else, then it takes less skill. It doesn’t mean the person is bad necessarily, but it does mean the thing takes less skill.

(thesuicidefox) #65

You can tell a good Gears player from a bad Gears player by playing Gears UE.

Seriously, dudes I would see often in Gears 3 that were pretty good were complete GARBO in Gears UE. And no, it has nothing to do with controls or animations. It has everything to do with the lack of wallbounce cancel and the tuning of the weapons.

A good Gears player will actually be good in UE. A boosted Gears player will get completely dominated. It’s like night and day. Gears 3 and by extension Gears 4 core tuning holds your hand so much you never learn the basics. Gears 1/UE REQUIRES you to know the basics to even stand a chance.

And no it has nothing to do with it being a different game. If you are good in UE you will be good in any Gears game. If you are good in Gears 3/4 it doesn’t mean you will be good in UE.

(III EnVii III) #66

Gears UE isn’t nothing special to master, all my friends learned very quickly and we were a very good stack.

Once I got over the initial learning curve, it settled in well and then got used to the wall bounce and then mastered the Sniper Trick shots and all kinds of blindfiring (this being in Gears 1 OG).

So naturally, with UE, it was business as usual.

I find Center Shooting to be easier to play than Barrell Shooting as well, so UE again is more predictable and simpler to play.


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@Bleeding_Pepper please bring your grammar nazi skills

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It’s more slang than an grammar issue.

I could say:

Isn’t nothing I’ve not heard before.

Isn’t nothing I’m not used too.

Isn’t nothing going to stop me.

Could also replace nothing with anything in some cases.

I do see what you mean, just a way of speaking up in North where I live :sweat_smile::v:


Well, considering that I’m from the southern US, where the grammar and overall English is less than stellar, I can’t mock you that much…

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I speak fantastic English in person and many people do guess correctly when they politely ask, being all excited and impressed, that I must have gone to private school.


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What part of the south?



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Right next to you in North Carolina


Haha! Nice man!
Weather is finally turning around

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We didn’t even have a winter this year


Haha. It was pretty warm here too. Didn’t get below 30, which was nice

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Aye, and there’s heehaw wrong with that :joy:

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And being such a big fan of Game of Thrones, I’m proud to be a Northerner :grimacing::v:

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Same, you just can’t top their banter :joy: