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Skill gap between Comp and Core players

(Gears Kaios) #42

I honestly believe core is better and comp takes no skill. But hey that’s just me.

(UniversalTuning) #43

Ooooo a lovely thread full of misguided individuals who do not understand that both tunings in Gears 4 are horrible.

Not much time right now but I’ll be sure to read this entire thread

Thanks David


No prob. Anytime

(UniversalTuning) #45

Both Core and Competitive Tuning are equally dimwitted.

Core Tuning allows players to get kills and downs from a ridiculous range which in theory should make things easier for “casual” Gears players but in reality it has successfully done the opposite. Newer Gears players can barely sneeze in Core before they are being fully damaged by ferocious Gear-Heads that won’t hesitate to use every advantage they can and a powerful weapon in an experienced players hand is very much an advantage.

Competitive Tunings (and I hesitate to call it “Competitive”) allows players to absorb massive amounts of bullets before they are in any real danger which has given birth to the most unskillfull and embarrassing strategy that the Gears Franchise has ever seen which is the “Bot-Walk” The bot-walk is basically players walking around with their gnasher out waiting for opponents to run at them so they can have a tighter spread and 1 shot them. I see this strategy in about 90% of Comp games and I shake my head every time I see it. 2v2 is basically a bot-walk paradise and because of the extremely underpowered Gnasher Shotgun there’s not much you can do to counter the bot-walk other than engage in walking around as well.

Both Tunings are deeply flawed and belong in the recycle bin along with the Snake weapon skins

@III_EnVii_III has explained pretty well that both Tunings require equal amounts of skill anyone arguing against this needs to drop the ego before even considering discussing the Gears 4 Tuning tragedy

(sG Agonize) #46

I prefer to keep quiet on this debate as most forum users who prefer core are just bad at the game and can’t hold a shot thus moan about bot walking and taking mass amounts of bullets(and an underpowered lancer despite it taking 1-3 less bullets to down which is minimal) any proper Gears fan knows that Gears has adapted to a more competitive style of tuning, running around 2 shot downing everyone now isn’t fun,

the average Gears fan skill ceiling has risen above from when 2 shot downing everyone was acceptable and fun in a gears game, most players now know how to wallbounce and do all that which wasn’t the case in previous gears games and now more Gears fans than ever would rather wallbounce and get kills rather than just use a shotgun that takes little skill, little aim and stops most movement in it’s tracks, a shotgun as powerful as Core would only ever work with proper fast gow 3 like hyperbouncing which is seemingly unpopular amongst core and comp enthusiasts which is why it would never return, when people are actually playing to win core tuning also doesn’t work because people will use any cheap method to get a kill including holding LT, of course there are cheap ways to get kills on comp e.g hiding on a corner but most players have the intelligence to check that so it’s not a damage issue

and a point that wipes any argument a core over comp player can make, core has aim assist, comp doesn’t, stated by the devs themselves on the dev stream and demonstrated by mike in his clips above

(buscobuzzy) #47

This definitely has been a long debate on which tuning is better. For me I lean more toward competitive tuning because the gnasher in core is way too strong and to me inconsistent. Unfortunately with TC the tuning especially the gnasher performance is one of many issues they could not fix. This is a little off topic but the gnasher in horde is even worse than core tuning for distance strength.

(III EnVii III) #48

Funny, I saw you put up a clip where you were Lancering someone who was barely moving and missing your shots wildly :sweat_smile:


Ouch… LOL!

(III EnVii III) #50

And to clarify it wasn’t to say he isn’t good or anything like that but he put up the clip to show why the person hadn’t gone down.

I rewatched it and several times and other people commented too saying shots weren’t even landed.

Please don’t see this as disrespect but moreso just the fact that you can’t just say every Core supporter cannot shoot or place shots and then the same is true for you even moreso :sweat_smile:.

(IIMatracII) #51

Both tunings are trash and are polar opposites to each other

(Dogg Egg) #52

I favour one tuning somewhere in the middle.
Or one or the other, I dunno just one tuning pls.

(sG Agonize) #53

When and where was this? Funny, you moan about core and comp yet you’ve never beaten me on either tuning

(TGLT Clutch) #54

comp doesn’t mean more skill. It’s just TC simply dividing the community. Imo, having one tuning is the only way to show who is a better player.

(III EnVii III) #55

4 Tunings will decide who is best.

First to master them all, is the Tuning Master.

(sG Agonize) #56

If a tuning is easier to play and easier to get kils, that makes it take less skill, reminds me of higher paper and foundation papers in exams

(sG Agonize) #57

Which clip are you on about? I’ve posted 3 clips on twitter recently which I imagine you are referring to, was it Diner, Foundation or Harbor?

(III EnVii III) #58


The first guy even says it looks like your missing and from what could see, it did look like you missed a lot of Lancer shots for a guy in such a small space.

It was just funny reading what you put anyway, as stated, no offence meant by it :+1:

(TGLT Clutch) #59

Maybe that’s because it’s the only tuning they’ve been playing. All the modes I enjoy are on core tuning therefore I may not be as good in the comp tuning because I don’t play it. Saying that core players are bad is simply not true. What are they bad at? Comp tuning that they never play?

They are good at what they play, simple.


No, it just makes it easier to get used to and a hang of faster.
Only way to tell who the better players are in general, is having one tuning to give everyone the same chance to show their individual skill.

(sG Agonize) #60

Ah, what you fail to understand is he’s wallbouncing all over the place there and yes my accuracy is a little off but I only wanted to keep him where he was to allow for a teammate to assist me, and even if I got him full red he wouldn’t have pushed me anyway, I meant more so in the fact those other shots with shotgun while not hitting full spreads were keeping him hurt at about 10-20% (it’s playing distance/damage, you see the 4 hits proves this) so one good shot downs/kills him, I back A him in chunk range and don’t get the kill, that’s the mistake of the game

(sG Agonize) #61

Exactly, easier to get used to and hang of faster, core tuning is no different from using the retro or sawed off in 3, when they’re are better, more skillful things to use available and people still play the things made to cater to casuals, I realize game modes and being able to find a game is an issue but that’s a failure of game design on TCs part

Though I do agree one tuning is neccessary and that is the tuning Gears has adapted to, this isn’t Gears 3 anymore, the average playerbase has improved, nobody wants to run around 2 shotting everyone down, they want to be wallbouncing as most of the community knows how to now, core tuning doesn’t work in a environment where everyone is trying to win, it’s very difficult to push people on core and puts you at a disadvantage, Mike Wazozski states it perfectly everytime