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Skill gap between Comp and Core players

(Clownkillerdave) #1

So I was in some private matches tonight (S/O @OneShotShelly. Sorry I left early. But that game was just going downhill in a bunch of different ways lol) and it was on Comp tuning. And I noticed that I could barely get any shots in. They were some of the worst games i’ve played in awhile. So i’m curious, are Comp players legitimately more skilled, or is it just I was thrown off balance.

(Jared xz) #2

From my experience comp players are generally more skilled. The weaker tuning of comp requires players to play smart.

Whenever i play core i always get easy kills because people love to up-a and don’t know when to hold shots

(The Evil Moo) #3

Core essentially guarantees that if you shoot first, assuming you’re decent and the game doesn’t decide your shot just doesn’t count, you will win.

Comp allows you to outplay an opponent, despite them taking the first shot. Comp has the higher skill ceiling.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #4

Unfortunately, people will read the title and choose to argue about core vs comp, based on which one they prefer.

What I’ve observed is that the best players I’ve met in Gears (this includes a few pros and numerous Diamond Masters) have all been people who prefer comp but will play core if forced to (which has been the case in the past several months now that the player base is dying). So, out of the top 20 or so I’ve personally played with, all are what I’d call “comp players”, even though many of them play core too.

(mike yaworski) #5

Playing Comp will improve your skill faster than playing Core and there is a higher skill ceiling as well.

That’s not to say everyone that prefers Core is worse.
Good players play Core too. But on average, Core players are worse than Comp players for the following reasons:

  • As stated, Core players don’t improve as quickly due to the damage being a crutch.
  • There is also a bias in the playerbases since there are a lot less casuals playing Comp. If you play Comp, you’re likely all over the esports scene, play every day, etc. The same cannot be said for Core.

(Chaotik Element) #6

Yeah it’s honestly a bit of both more than likely you fire from too far away because core the shotgun is stronger and can down opponents from wayyy to far, so when you shoot earlier in comp tuning you don’t get as much damage and people can kill you from closer which is why they hold their shots, and it should be that way because its a SHOTGUN and not a SNIPER or lancer. The whole idea of adding in Core tuning was terrible and hopefully there will only be one universal tuning in gears 5 if they still add in ranks.

(III EnVii III) #7

It all comes down to experience.

See, you explained it yourself,

You went over to comp.

If it was the other way round, you would have found it equally strange to adjust with Core.

Many of the hardcore players like a weak Lancer because it allows a style of play around the Gnasher.

I dislike a primary weapon like the Lancer being so weak while pickup rifles are so strong.

You literally just have to get used to shooting A LOT of Lancer fire to down someone (counterintuitive imo) and also make sure the gap is smaller with the Gnasher.

There is a trick with Gnasher where if you know the distance, you can “eat” a shot, come forward and gib quite comfortably.

With the lag comp, in this game, it’s easy to do.

When I’m back,

We can play some private comp and I’ll show you :blush:

All in all, neither take more “skill”.

It’s just, people tend to stick with one for various reasons.

Core is the better tuning though, although I don’t mind Comp.

(GB6 Kazuya) #8

Some of the posts here are disgustingly ridiculous. More skilled? You can’t be serious.

“Higher skill ceiling”? What? How many times did you hit your head off of this ceiling? How many times have yous hit your damn head off of this ceiling?!

Comp is playable, but it definitely does not require more skill. If you think charging through and eating thousands of bullets to massage someone requires more skill and makes you some kind of outplaying pro, then I’d recommend checking into the nearest Psychiatric Hospital where you can keep trying to convince yourself that Core is some kind of OSOK madness.

(Duffman GB) #9

What Envii said.

(OneShotShelly) #10

I wondered what happened to you. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about how it was all going. I wasn’t seeing “team effort”. I was downed a few times, right at the feet of other team mates and no pick up… I was in battles and another tm would run up and gnash the opponent that I was fighting, taking my kill op from me. It was altogether rotten. I understand why you left. It wasn’t just comp tuning, it was the team as well… and I’m definitely not among those counted as the best so I was of little help, if any!. ho hum.

(mike yaworski) #11

I guess Lancer is up for debate, but the Gnasher isn’t. If you take two Gnasher fights, the person with better movement and accuracy will win in Comp, but not necessarily in Core.

You can full red someone in Core without even aiming at them. I demonstrated it here:

I know you’ll disagree because it’s like telling an Xbox fanboy that his console is garbage. But instead of just dismissing the evidence and ranting, explain how not aiming on someone and still getting full damage takes skill.

Gnasher fights in Comp are about accuracy and timing. Gnasher fights in Core are about just shooting as soon as you can in someone’s general vicinity and maybe landing a couple of pellets for a down.

(The Evil Moo) #13

You can charge through bullets to touch someone in either tuning, just make sure you’re playing on your 2 ghz wifi and stream to twitch on your shared copper line.

Outside of that, if you find people ‘charging through your bullets’ in comp, aim better and then when the engagement is no longer mid range (i.e the range the lancer is meant to be used) you need to switch weapons to accomdate the now close range fight.

The lancer in comp is good, you cant just laser beam people down with it from any range.

A mid range weapon should always lose to a close range weapon. A close range weapon should always lose to a midrange weapon. Thats what balance is, and core is all out whack.

“Oh crap, enemy is 5 feet away from me! Active lancer! Enemy dead! Swtich to the appropriate weapon for this engagement?? Pffft, why?” - a random player in a random core match

Core is fun, no doubt - but bar walmart internet its almost impossible to outplay more than 2 people at once, especially when one is standing 8 ft away holding LT.

Its possible in comp, hence the higher skill ceiling.

(RedDoog888) #14


I hear you but I think you have to have something between causal and comp. Its to extreme to jump from one to the other.

I am not sold on comp tuning to me it seems like on both there are far to many one shot kills then there should statistically the skill level for that should be rare as is diamond players.

I also think yes i say it again to the community. Until level setting the ping gets fix both high ping core and comp will win out unless you have really skilled level that can of set that.

love this topic.

(Clownkillerdave) #15

Haha! Yeah, that was pretty sucky. Everyone was getting pretty toxic (blaming all their missed shots on lag, personally insulting teammates etc… I even had one dude get so upset as to want to 1v1 me. And yeah, the comp didn’t help)

I don’t mean nor want to start a fight. I am honestly curious as to why I seem to do much worse in comp then core.

(GB6 Kazuya) #16

That’s interesting, but I’ve not experienced the likes of it, at all. Of course if I’d ever noticed that players more or less have a damn magnetised armour I would’ve mentioned it in the above post.

Mike! :open_mouth:! How could you! Anyhoo, contrary to your “fanboy” comment (shame on thee, @III_EnVii_III :joy: ), I can be relatively open to debates. I did not say Comp is beyond playable, I just don’t believe it requires some sort of high skill level. I’ve played a lot of Comp, especially recently 2v2, and it’s just in my experience it’s full of people OTT bouncing and charging right up to opponents without hesitation, surviving and getting the kill. The weapons are just far too weak. The Gnasher is a brutal shotgun, not a pellet shooter.

Like I said above, I played a lot of 2v2 recently. The amount of 99% damage shots I got at point blank range was incredible:

But silly me, my timing must’ve been terrible. I didn’t realise I was supposed to have my Gnasher up the enemies nostrils massaging their brain before I was to press RT.

Haha, that made me laugh. To clarify. I have a very powerful internet. I assure you. But yes, you’ll find that those south of the border who go unnamed in this post are the ones who can charge, spin around and do dances whilst taking no damage.

I am very aware of how each weapon works in every variety of situation. I have been here a very long time. I don’t need a lecture, believe me.

It’s not impossible in Core. I’ve done it hundreds of times on Gears 3, and a good few times in Gears 4.

(IIMatracII) #17

But silly me, my timing must’ve been terrible. I didn’t realise I was supposed to have my Gnasher up the enemies nostrils massaging their brain before I was to press RT.

The funniest post i have seen so far. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(IIMatracII) #18

Comp system just doesn’t work well for online play because it requires very precise aim which can be thrown off do to differences in connection. Comp could use a slightly buff to either the overall damage or the hit detection to make it feel consistent. Core needs to go in the other direction. It needs a slight nerf to the damage or the hit detection. These game types are literally polar opposites when it comes down to weapon balancing. What I find different with the two communities is that core player are more disciplined in pushing and generally play more tactical. While comp player often are more mechanical sound with movement and have slightly better aim because those two factors help you more due to the weaker weapons.

(Clownkillerdave) #19

This. This right here

(GB6 Kazuya) #20

Ok now that I must disagree on. It’s too much of a big statement. I know what you’re trying to say but I’ve seen plenty of people with terrible aim on Comp playlists. Just because it’s weaker weaponry doesn’t mean the entire playlist is filled with people who have fluid expertly timed movement and use each weapon with pinpoint precision.

(Milan89SD) #21

There is no difference. People with no skills are even diamonds. They can just walk and kill with one shot from half of map with gnasher. And that is it, no matter 2 ping or 300 it is same