Skill cards not working in Horde

On the subject of skill cards not working as described (or description controversies), Jack’s portable resupply also keeps Jack cloaked while carrying weapons, really handy for forge users. However, this fact is not in the skill card’s description. Lastly, the marksman’s critical parade skill card says, on the card, that critical “hits” extend the ultimate while the description (the truth) says that critical “kills” extend the ultimate. That’s a big difference!

I honestly don’t know. I have used that card in the past but I can’t remember ever having more ammo total, even before I reached level 6. Either the card worked that way, giving more ammo, before but I forgot or didn’t use the card then, or there was something else giving you more ammo, though I can’t think of what. Could it be you are thinking of Gears 4? The soldier class had a card that gave the lancer lots more ammo.

And yes, you are correct regarding the skill card descriptions, there are lots of cards that do things not mentioned in the description, or fail to do things mentioned in the description.

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That’s fair.

I used it a lot back when we were doing the traded claw trick with Marcus, for picking up ammo from boxes in Horde since couldnt use lockers then.

No need for that now, but i dont play Eacape, so fair point.

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Nice insight, I downloaded Gears 4 again (all 101 GB) to check it out. I apparently never gave that horde mode much of a go because I only had 1 skill card equipped to each class. Specifically, the assault rifle capacity (soldier class) wasn’t equipped. When I did equip it (level 2 = +55% ammo) the ammo total was 852 rounds (pretty close). However, I do remember that I made the 600/920 total rounds observation for retro/regular lancers during the “Regency” level which isn’t in Gears 4. Now I’m about 85% sure this 600/920 ammo thing is a glitch in Gears 5 and only about 15% sure that I mixed up memories with Gears 4. Thanks again, this research was fun!