Skill cards nerfed in update again...why?!

I don’t know if anyone else noticed but it seems TC nerfed the rate of rare card drops again.

Originally you could “only” get common cards if you played beginner, common or rare with intermediate, etc., but TC changed this about, what, at the beginning of operation 4, so that you could earn any card at any modifier level, it was just a really unlikely chance at lower levels.

I noticed recently I seemed to be only getting common cards playing solo Elite / Insane Horde, when I used to get rarer cards, much more often since OP4. I checked the modifiers today, and sure enough, it’s been nerfed to pre-OP4 levels.

Why must you do this, TC? Card grinding is already annoying AF, cards are given too miserly as it is from Horde matches.

I was growing bored with Gears 5 anyway, this move makes me want to just move on to other / better cared-for games. I feel my time with this game nearing its end.

This is a visual bug only. The same thing happened last major update.

I tested it and got a purple card on beginner.


That’s great to hear. Not sure why I’m getting only common cards as of late. Luck I guess?

Poor luck, but TC should do better than have the same bug back again after another update.


They also need to fix the droprate of purple cards, id say 80% of my cards for paduk r from running the decent map as its very easy with paudk using fear and a stun boltok.

I only have purple cards left that i need to max his cards and its pretty annoying when u see multiple greens n blue (sometimes even duplicate cards) and yellows but purple r so rare to get, think my 2 yellows r at 30ish dupes but some purples r still lvl 5😪

Yeah I think they nerf gold cards, I completed start to finish 5 Master runs on Overload Horde Frenzy today as Del and not one gold card; incredible greens and blues.!

I do think purple and gold show up less often than the % would lead you to believe.

Anecdotally, I also think certain purple cards are “rarer” than others. For example, I am completely maxed on JD, for all purple cards, but I am still “stuck” on level 4 explosion bleed damage, and that’s after I bought 5 cards to go from 3-4 using coins.

So that means I’ve only ever gotten 4 bleed damage cards from Horde play. Ever. But I’ve gotten 29 purple score buff cards. That’s not random luck.