Skill card rewards still glitched for Terminator event?

I’d like to play some this weekend, but seems pointless if you’re not getting skill cards.

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So far nothing.

so has tc said there should skill cards?

I get an occasional one … but generally sweet FA

Dont think u get cards for playing this non gears related event​:thinking::thinking:

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You don’t get skill cards at all for the event. Play non event horde for that…

I think I got a Del Banner (Basically his face on the banner), but I can’t remember if it’s due to a supply drop or as a reward for completing the event on insane difficulty.

I’m pretty sure the Del banner is from progression for reaching a certain level with Del.

All of the launch characters have a couple of items - a blood splat, and I think a banner representing that particular character, after you reach something like level 17 and 18 (I can’t remember which was which or the precise level, but it’s the reward once you unlock all the skill cards).

I watched the dev stream yesterday and they seemed pretty surprised when someone mentioned they weren’t getting cards, so I would guess that we’re supposed to be getting cards? Who the hell knows with TC though.

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