Skill card accidentally upgraded. Wasted 400 scrap

Held X to upgrade a card, but decided not to. It seems if you happen to move off the card before you let go of X, it upgrades the card anyway.

You have to hold X for a good long moment…should have let go sooner.

That sounds like an annoying bug.

I don’t like how there’s no animation on the card whilst you’re holding the button down.

When I’m upgrading a card, I’m naturally looking at the card. Not at the button prompts at the bottom of the screen

I tested it on another skill (only 40 scrap this time) and only held it for a split-second before scrolling to another card and it happened again. I uploaded a video but isn’t showing it. If you’re quick, you can scroll back and hit X again to stop it, but I didn’t expect it the first time.

This only seems to happen with the active cards on a character and not the full card list. I’m not sure if there would be a fix for it, but then again I doubt anyone else will happen to do this. Just make sure to let go of X BEFORE scrolling over to another card.

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