Skiff stuck in sand bug:(

Hello everyone, im playing campaign with m friend and we are in the sand chapter, we went to lower a bridge by force, with a salvo, against time, so we just parked the skiff how we could and leaved( the sand goes up like a little mountain) and there wasnt a problem, till we died, lowered the bridge and got a checkpoint, but skiff was now stuck, both seats, driver and passanger are too high for us, we tried everything, jumping running, nothing worked, and reloading last checkpoint wont work as skiff is still stuck, can anyone help us please? We really dont know what to do, and we dont want to replay all the campaign:( Thanks everyone have a good day!!

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I have the same exact problem, any solutions?

Same ■■■■■■■ issue. You can’t run to the next point It’s neccesary to ride the skiff first but is stuck in the sand.

Same issue dude, exact same spot. This is crazy. What did you guys do. Insane bros

Oh thank goodness, what a relief

Almost had me believing in a giant bug made outa sand with a taste for skiffs


Too close

Same freaking spot! Been stuck since preorder day 1! Any fix yet?

Had the exact same bug. Done several secondary missions and had to re do them due to this issue.

Exact same bug. Act 3 Ch 3. Even tweeted to TC and Microsoft about it with a video. Restarted the chapter after being frustrated. Last part of that secondary mission was left…so I started doing them again. But then that also bugged out where you have to pick up the ultimate upgrade for Jack. I picked it up, but it didn’t register. Too much nonsense so I just went ahead with the main objective. I’m just going to stop playing once I finish the campaign once. It’s really ridiculous how badly this was play tested.

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there was another thread Gears 5 Skiff in unboardable position

everyone is experiencing this problem and it sucks

This is a very frustrating bug, but it’s located in a pretty convenient spot. The skiff breaks right at the start of Some Assembly Required, so you can just restart the mission and lose zero progress.

Yeah for me it was weird, my friend started the campaign, and suddenly it was fixed, it was really really weird, but i hope it gets fixed for everyone, i’ve seen something that changing dificulty fixes it, my friend did that, didnt work, but we tried playing campaign just in case and it was unstuck, idk if that fixed it, there is a thread there somewhere talking about that, and i’ve seen resetting the chapter or mission, fixes it too, unfurtunately, u have to do everything again

Same problem. Where the damn fix on this damn skiff?

Same here. Skiff stuck in sand after lowering bridge in act 3 :frowning:

I changed difficulty from experienced to intermediate and this fixed the problem

GG guys, nothing done on the patch for that bug, still same as before… :confused:

Eskae7> Doing this before patch was basically resulting in loosing more or less all collectibles items of the Act. Have you experienced this after last patch too?

Hey guys, I managed to do it, I was stuck, you just need to keep a hold of x( or square for ps4) right at the tip of the skateboard, worked for me

Oh man thank God, it’s been nearly 2weeks, we were all getting worried you’d be stuck out there until your demise, we sent a search skiff out about a week ago, not heard back from them… hmmmm

Send a search skiff out for the search skiff!

I got stuck too… I should have tried switching difficulty, as noted in other posts, but instead, I dropped out of the campaign and restarted the chapter.
It made me refind, and redo, the side quests , but since my character already had the “special” things for Jack, awarded from those side quests, it wouldn’t let me finish them, until I rebooted the checkpoints for each one. One stuck after I picked up the part… it was telling me to go pick it up, but I already had. The other was just refusing to show me the Jack symbol on the drill.

Game is a little buggy at times, (but still very good) but up until that point, I only had need for one checkpoint reboot to get a “jack symbol” to appear on a safe, (after fighting the helicopter)… it just wouldn’t show up, but the checkpoint reset made it appear.

I hope the rest of the game isn’t like this… I’m really only playing for the storyline, so, redoing areas has no appeal to me, and I’ve bailed for the week.

Month after release and I just had this exact same problem, in the exact same place, with the exact same positioning as described above.

Exiting Campaign and starting from the Chapter Select screen fixed it without any loss of progression, but holy hell did this make me want to uninstall - that, the lifeless dialogue, and the barren ‘open world’…

You were lucky I guess. Sawing that The Coalition does not care about that and do not have this bug in their public backlog, I decided to do same. Except that I lost all progression on Jack and secondary missions of the Act. I started to redo all these missions again. And at the last one I took the radio and nothing happened this time, mission impossible to get marked as completed. No reward perk from Jack then. Did restart last checkpoint, same. Did restart from “previous” checkpoint and I landed at the beginning of chapter again despite previous saves after each secondary mission !!! Rage quit. Go f**** yourself ■■■■■■ game! :frowning:

I will uninstall this frustration simulator, I’m done.