Skiff is eating every weapon I put on it

every time I have weapons on the skiff and do a mission,when I get back to the skiff the weapons are gone…also, weapons on skiff dont carry over from act 2 to act 3…I love the retro lancer relic and hate to lose it

I don’t honestly recall if they carry over from Act 2 to 3, or are supposed to, but I never had them disappear within one Act after placing them there in 3 full play throughs. The skiff would even reset the ammo count to full if you placed weapons that were run down on ammo.

That said, I mostly placed the heavy weapons that you can’t place in your inventory. Once or twice I placed a regular weapon, but always replaced it with a heavy as soon as I found one. I also never placed any relic weapons. I have read there are certain things about relic weapons, like they only appear once, and not again after picking them up.

I have also read certain weapons cannot be carried over into other areas, and it may be relics via the skiff. So my suggestion is to experiment placing different weapons on it if you haven’t already.

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They’re not supposed to.

That’s what I was vaguely remembering from that stuff I read.

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