Skiff, Headshots, Weapon Saturation, Markza MK 1, Inverse Omen

Hi all,

So, making my way through the campaign and generally having a lot of fun.
Have only explored beyond the campaign briefly in Horde.

A few issues:
I just lowered the bridge for the train by blasting the ■■■■ out of it. My skiff has been ‘re-positioned’ by some algorithm, and now I cannot access it, the skiff has been parked by the game in such a way that the seat is too high off the ground and is inaccessible. I can’t really understand why the skiff would need to be repositioned, I park it, I get on it, why have an ‘auto-shift’ mechanic that repositions the skiff? If I can park it there, there it should stay. After reloading the game it is still inaccessible parked outside of the Bridge Control Base.

Headshots consistently occur when I am clearly shooting at an enemies torso. This is a very amateur game mechanic, something for a more juvenile game whereby the player is unable to perform a headshot for whatever reason, but can feel a type of immature self-gratification at achieving one regardless of having actually done so. Specifically, this makes the game seem less realistic and as a result I am less invested in the gameplay, characters, plot, firefights, etc. This is just very unrealistic and disappointing, Suspension of disbelief is an exceedingly important aspect of engagement with fiction.

Too many weapons. Many are now superfluous; more for the sake of more actually makes it seem like less. This has been proven with qualitative and quantitative studies, for instance in marketing when product saturation occurs the consumer actually feels overwhelmed and disengages, purchases less, and does not feel like they have more options. Do some research into it.

Markza MK1 now cannot zoom. The short range zoom on the Gears 4 Markza set it apart from the Boltok. Now I don’t really need a Boltok, I carry it anyway; it’s just such a cool gun, but I have no real need for another short range, scopeless heavy hitter.

The inverse omen is a really bad idea. I cannot discern from which direction I’m being attacked and I become easily disoriented and die more easily. This worked really well in Gears 4, the implementation in Gears 5 is a very, very poor choice. If we can turn off health bars; which are exceedingly useful and a great idea, then we should be able to choose between the new omen style and the traditional omen style. I feel that this option is not there because no one would actually use this utterly pointless, garish, game changing (for the worse) aesthetic ‘feature’. At least make it more functional. But ultimately, please just give us the option to turn it off, or better yet, revert to the previous style. I truly hate the inverse omen and after exploring this game via gamepass for a while, I’ll likely return to Gears 4 rather than pay for the game. This type of forced change for the sake of change is a major problem with the modern gaming industry. We already love the game, you don’t need to ‘sell’ it to us with ‘change’. My honest opinion is that you need to provide options wherever and whenever possible, people want options for the most part, people who don’t want options don’t give a ■■■■, but those who do feel very strongly about it.

Kait is great. Thanks for bring JD down a peg.

(Please can we have a Pendulum Wars game, pleeeease. I would definitely pay for that. Love the lore of this game, as do many others, give us more, that we can really experience, in a game. I really do think that going back is potentially more favourable for the series than going forward into unknown territory, just a thought. I’m a trained and qualified writer, I’ll plot it out for you and all the rest…)

Kind regards,
iron hugh mann.