Skepticism on "Rank Re-calibration" (Pics inside. Stat comparison before and after getting Masters again)

I’ve read the official post by TC, and I’m sorry, but I still don’t really understand.

The message states that the new (More often than not demoted) rank more closely resembles where you stack up with other players. If this game had no online stats given at giving exact percentages of certain categories, I might just believe it, but we do have exact stats, and as of now, I don’t believe it.

To illustrate my point, here are my stats before to tidal wave of demotion struck.

As you can see, my score per minute (The metric I’m told that ultimately matters and seems to make the most sense when I see other’s stats) is in the top 1%… I mean that right there tells you I belong in the category of Masters, no?.. I could even understand the argument of “Oh, well Masters actually requires you’re in the top 0,5% but the percentage doesn’t go that low on the site, so you may be placed lower”. Alright, fair… But I wasn’t just slightly demoted… I was demoted to Onyx 3 with those stats you see…

So I began to climb again. I almost thought “Wow, if my stats aren’t good enough now, there’s no way I’ll be able to get back to Masters but may as well see what happens.” And then something interesting occurred. I began to win, and move up once more, despite my stats not really changing.

So then my next thought was "I guess they just require more wins now?.. But that couldn’t be it either, because A) I was already in top 2% in wins which should get me to the top no problem, and B) I went from D1 to D2 in one match which leads me to believe number of wins didn’t just get increased either… So here’s my stats as they stand now, getting back into Masters

As you can see, almost nothing changed… I’m still top 4% in kills per minute. I’m still top 1% in score per minute despite dropping around 5 pts… This doesn’t make any sense to me.

TC, you’ve already informed me I am among the top 1% of players when it comes to score per minute. That value is no different now than it was before the de-rank. So how did you possibly determine I should be in Onyx 3 based on my stats, and I’ve effectively gotten into Masters again… with effectively the EXACT same stats.

Sure there is more stats now as I played more matches, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters are the averages, and with that, my averages are more or less identical.

I literally think somebody at the studio tripped over a wire and unplugged something, resulting in many people losing rank with no real way to reverse the mistake. Rather than admit this, we got the official response we did. Of course this is all speculation and if somebody has more info they can provide me, please, enlighten me.


I went D1 to G1 in TDM very quick, losing a tier pretty much per match even though I was doing very, very well.

Then, when I hit Gold 1,

2-3 games later I was easily Gold 3 again!

Why take me all the way back to G1?

I’m sure once I play again I’ll hit D1 just the same…

Basically, a waste of time “adjustment”.


Yup. Same here. One tier, per match, till I was at the Rank TC found ‘appropriate’… I don’t get it. I feel 95% positive this was a legit accident that they couldn’t reverse and then gave us a random explanation.


This is GOLD.

Here we have real data showing us it logically doesn’t make sense at all for the explanation given.


Wow. Bravo for pulling up the data for us.

Yeah exactly,

Why would new players mean I have to drop a rank I earned?

Especially at a ridiculous rate?

What, the system was so bad before?

Did TC never think new players would be joining?

Are new players instant diamond players?

What a joke …

I just want them to be transparent about any part of the ranking or matchmaking system.

I went from D1 to onyx 3 which isnt too bad- well actually now i have played 2 more matches and won and got MVP and i am going down a rank each match…now i am onyx 1…