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Sire horde and escape problem

Sires completely ruin a solo horde and solo escape run because you can’t actually break free like you can everything else for some idiotic reason


And AI aren’t very proficient(effective) at freeing you from them.

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True. At least with the snatchers you actually have to be down first

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My all ai bot team save me from a sire,but why play solo horde anyway a ai bot team can be helpful and don’t take ammo boxes or horde power as long as pick up power but they can pick it up if they pass over it but you won’t lose to much power either way.

I have been saved by AI teammates in Horde from a Sire. But they can just run after the Sire without shooting it until it kills you.

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Well and so can real human players,i played with real people who have also stand there and watch my char get its head ripped off,i have better chance with bot help.

Well, I considered adding that sometimes the human players fare no better.

And you can’t add bots to escape


Classic Shino post

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Ahhh yes. Bad touch boii. Honestly the A.I gears save me much more than human players do. Hell, I want 4 humans and 1 A.I because the A.I will make a bee line towards you whenever you get downed or grabbed. Ive bled out and been executed due to human teammates not paying attention or caring.

Can you chainsaw them like the other horse they were in?

Horde, and no you can’t.


They should have to find you down or down you 1st/on the downed damaging hit you get the drag animation if I had my way about it.

They do a ton of damage upclose but rolling even towards them completely cancels the grab and instead does a bunch of damage. So in a way they are 100% avoidable. If paying attention.

Situational awareness is key

There really should be no reason to miss the audio and huge punching animation leap. It’s quite telegraphed. And slow

My advice is don’t wall bounce vs them or run, anything with 2 feet on the ground is neutral. They grab Neutral. As long as you roll input 200ms before the sire’s start up frames of the pounce you’re golden

Been doing alot of solos myself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ikr? They are broken as ■■■■ and are annoying to deal with. How can you not chainsaw them? You could do it in Gears 2.

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You probably can’t chainsaw them because that’s the easiest method to finish them - or at least the method everyone abused in Gears 2

Fair enough about gears 2. But why should Sires have basically a one shot dead mechanic? They come up close and personal, you should be allowed to chainsaw them, anything up to that size should be chainsawed PERIOD.


Probably the same reason we could never chainsaw boomer type locust enemies in the original trilogy

I prefer playing horde and escape solo, with no bots. I shouldn’t have to add bots so that they can save me, but if they don’t add option to break yourself free, bot teammates should be added to escape too. One or the other.

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i wish they added that