Sire hangs itself on the doors

So this happened today on one of my runs.
I ran inside the supply room, picked up a couple of boxes and this is what greeted me at the doors.

This sire literally hang itself on the doors. !

Note- nobody closed the doors on the sire.


Hoffman must’ve called it an ugly grub


Guess it got tired of spending day after day wanting little more than a hug.


So… was it dead or was it still alive?

Looks pretty dead to me

Is that your clinical judgement? :smiley:

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Awww cute.

Guess, it’s our Run?Seems the Sire is trying to survive, but unfortunately the Venom by Blademaster (The last Bleeding Second ) took it out :sob:.

I’m not sure if it happened on our run?.. There was a Kait that’s all I remember but she wasn’t Infiltrator.

Definitely dead.

Yes, she’s a Striker :joy:.

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Oh yes you are right lol it was our very first run.

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Ah reminds me of the Javelin in Dead space 2 … now that was a gun lol.


I diagnose it with dead asf lmao

That’s how David Carradine died.

On a separate note- I gotta say these sires have such shapely legs :laughing:

I guess the Sire was just tired of life.

Niles had a tight workout schedule for them.

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He did you a favor

“Oh, really Doctor?”

  • Baird, btw
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