Single Stick is OP

Before people start quoting TC saying “iTs sTiLl ThE SaMe MeChAnIcS” - Yeah. It’s just a lot easier to use those mechanics. If TC can’t admit this then I don’t have much hope. I’m also not sure why it isn’t a larger conversation.

Whatever the camera usually does when you interact with cover normally (and since every gears ever) doesn’t happen with single stick. The camera doesn’t follow the player and sort of floats above. It makes technical cover moves a lot easier, as well as reaction shots since the camera doesn’t swing so much. You feel much more in control of situations since you can actually SEE the situation and make quick judgements accordingly due to the camera not following the character’s movements. It’s much more static and allows for a much clearer picture of what’s happening. You can be bouncing at all sorts of angles, have you character facing all sorts of directions, yet your camera will steadily float above regardless, meaning much more efficient use of the right stick aim, and much more confidence dealing with situations.

I do kind of like it. It makes it easier to do what I want and it does make me a better player. 100%. But tbh it’s a guilty pleasure and I rarely use it. To me it feels unfair and not very ‘Gearsy’, Gears 5 is already feels very slippery but single stick feels like you’re floating. A far cry from the original idea of having the ‘heaviness’ of Gears 2 with the mechanics of Gears 4. The centre screen thing is trash but the benefits out weight the cons massively when you consider how much more control you have in situations.

Gears 5 already made bouncing super accessible. I never was much of a bouncer until Gears 5 made it easy. With single stick? Jesus Christ. You literally become the saviour himself when you turn that ■■■■ on.

Single stick kids wya?

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I’m a single stick user :flushed:

Gears 5 definitely made wallbouncing much much easier than previous Gears games, even without single stick, but I just see this as a good thing as it just gives more people options.

Even with single stick you won’t all of a suddenly become a pro wallbouncer, takes a long time to “get gud” when it comes to movement in Gears.

Single Stick will never ever be removed because of how important of a role it plays for folks with disabilities.

Edit: one of the best players I know uses default… People think that a control scheme or what have you magically makes you a god, it don’t do jack (sorry jack)


See that is just the pros of single stick. You still have to get use to it for rifle play. Aiming is a whole lot easier with it off when it come to anything besides the Gnasher. The way that camera spins, and auto centers. But I do feel more in control with it on because of my play style. So you give up a little accuracy for more movement and vision. As far as reaction shots I noticed I still hit them regardless of single stick only difference is the way my character actually looks. Sometimes it looks like I shot from my A** with it off which is wierd. Even though that was my intention, the system allowed it I don’t believe that shot should of happen with single stick off. Or it could just be a case of Gears being Gears. What I’m seeing is not really happening when it comes to bang bang plays.
It gives you a slight advantage but by no means does it make you good.

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I mean they are pretty big pros since the gnasher is and will always be the meta, but there’s no denying the screen centering every 3 seconds is trash, especially for any other gun.

That slight advantage in a game like Gears really does go a long way though. It can turn a good player into a better player and while the changes are subtle the result is significant.


So with single stick the camera angle will remain constant even while bouncing?

Why does it mess up rifle aim? Is it just the auto centering that messes up aim?

Yeah pretty much. It’s subtle but it has a distinct feel in scenarios where you’re changing direction suddenly. It’s a lot easier. It’s most obvious when Up-Aing. The camera doesn’t need to turn at all and you can watch your player veer off to the side for a second.

The rifle aim is related to the screen centering every 3 seconds, yeah. Anything that you might need to pre aim for. Secret manning is also more annoying.

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Agreed. But it can’t turn a bad player into good. You still have to put your time in and get use to it. I know people who won’t give it a shot @Slipping_Flames . Even when I told him to turn it on and don’t change it for 3 weeks and you’ll never go back ,everything feels smoother (aim assist off). Still hasn’t done it. He doesn’t know what he is missing :wink: lol.

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I’ll try it.


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You’re a bot if you have to use single stick .

I just tried it out because I’ve been playing like poop. I was able to aim the gnasher a lot better. You can’t move at the same angles as before, i think. Back As feel different with single stick. But i do notice that if you leave your character idle the aim changes on its own. Probably need to test it out more. But the aiming in this game has always felt weird to me. I can either blind fire accurately or i can’t land a hard aim when sneaking up on someone. To top it off maybe from squeezing the controller too hard the aim gets really extreme for me, accidentally. I use an elite controller so this is kind of disappointing.