Single player special events

Why are the special events like torque bow tag and OSOK FFA. It seemed like Gears used to encourage playing with friends. Gears 5 seems to only encourage toxic and selfish gameplay.


Gears of War gameplay + story is about team work. Not division. Not sure why FFA is celebrated.

I want to see rewards + xp rewarded to campaign. We play it on insane and want campaign to be encouraged. Master Chief Collection does this.

I think it’s because people complained they couldn’t find ffa matches to earn the medals. So making the events ffa upped the opportunities. Also TC probably expected the mode to be much more popular than it is. I agree though. I usually preferred the events to be team events. Well, Golden gun was OK but torque tag was trash.

FFA is a fun game mode, I think most the special play list are themed after FFA just because that was big thing for op2. There will likely be more traditional special events in the future.

I think I would enjoy FFA more if making top 3 counted as a win like Halo 3.


Because it’s the easiest mode and requires the least effort in terms of balance.

And TC is out here trying to do it quick and sloppy, a classic GoW5 characteristic.

I like single player game modes. I need a break from getting thrashed by 5 man stacks. If there was a 1v1 gnasher mode you’d bet I’d be on there every chance I got. If not that then at least blitz rather than koth because then i could score for my team faster while being solo.

I just hardly end up playing them since I’d rather play with my friends.