Single Player Content Tied to Online Service

So I stopped playing after a week, just as I finished the campaign for the first time but oh surprise, half of my achievements did not register because of the online service progress in-game, even though the game itself says I finished all acts or collectables. Here I am one week after a patch that supposedly fixed that and that it would take a couple of days according to the TC and yet, nothing, no delayed registration as they promised.

I want to replay the campaign on Insane and did so halfway through the second act but yet again I get no achievement tracking, so what is the point if the game is not registering my progress? I know some people don’t care for that stuff but why is single player content tied to an online registration system that is a giant mess and disconnects every 10 minutes? I see no benefit, since you dont even get unlocks like character skins on the MP side of the game like previous games. Anyone knows if this will get fixed?

Yes it is strange but they did it probably because it counts to your stats and all stats are cloud based. Just try to login every day and your progress will appear, for me it took 2 days after patch.