Single Player and EAC: can I disable EAC?

I just got the game, I want to play the Single Player version with a trainer (I am disabled, my reactions are VERY poor, but I still want to go through the story. I played all previous versions, and I hope to continue the storyline, but i can’t even make it through the first part. I fell from a building long ago while repairing a roof at 7th floor (8th floor for Americans and others that see first floor as the street level floor), broke about every possible bone in my body, and have very limited movement ever since, Atop of movement restriction, I also suffer from delayed reaction time.)
I downloaded FLING’s trainer, but EAC prevents it from booting up, or use it otherwise.

So, if anyone can please help this cripple fella (me thus), he would be very grateful.

Thank you very much: