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Single, co-op or multi?

What do you guys think it will look like?
I would love to see a single campaing with history before the 1st game. Like maybe tell a story how exactly Marcus got into jail? And I hope there will be multi, where when one of you Carmines dies (^^) you have to train or hire a new geat to ypu war machine :smiley: It would bring so much strategy and fear over your troops.

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I really hope its a single player only thing. Focus on a great story and variety.

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I hope it’s co-op, because Halo, Gears, Divinity, Baldurs Gate and other games feature co-op and that didn’t make the story bad or resulted on lack of content. It made the game more fun because you can play with your friends.

Also, if it has coop, it has single player. But the other way around is not true.

So coop is a win win situation =)

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Except it takes time and development resources. Time that could be spent extended the single player experience. I get that its fun to play with friends, but for once I would love ALL of the time and effort to go into a fantastic single player only experience.


I think it will most likely be Co-Op.

In the teaser - can see segments where there are only 2 players max.

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man, there are so many bad single player games out there! So focusing resources on single player experiences doesn’t mean anything.

There are great coop games and great single player games!

And we are talking about an IP owned by Microsoft, so it’s not like they don’t have money to do a fantastic game with enough resources to make it co-op.

You simply stating that there are bad single player games is certainly no reason not to make a good one. There are many games that would have better single player games without spending resources on a rubbish versus such as Arkham Origins, Dead Space 2 etc.

I play single player tactics games like Wasteland 2 and Pillars of eternity, and these games are breathtaking in their depth and scope. This is what I want for Gears tactics.

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We know it is co-op now of course. I wanted 4 player so much, maybe the third game in this trilogy will get it, like Gears 3 before it.

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Divinity Original Sin 2: a four players co-op game with great story and deep tactics. More critically acclaimed than Pillars and wasteland 2 (just look at the reviews).

Planetfall : recently released on Xbox, insane amount of tactics and pretty deep on strategy. Features co-op as well

So being single player only doesn’t mean anything.

Honestly, this argument of being single player only to make it better only makes sense when the company has no money or time.

I hope gears tactics is co-op =*

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Will add to my list of games to play, thank you!

Games can be great with MP in it, but it does take up a ton of development time. The point I am trying to make is that i would prefer a great single player experience where all the dev time has gone into it rather than be watered down just to tack on MP.