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Single Black Steel Cards Store

It’s a fairly decent shout tbh. When you get duplicates no matter how many you buy is annoying as hell. I wanna get specific characters but I haven’t really bought many esports packs, so if this was brought about I’d definitely aim to get the character/camo I wanted/needed.

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It’s frustrating when you get a common when you are playing for something imo
Why the still allowing unrelated items in eSports pack?
We will never know

I’d be all for this

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3 & 5 I don’t like.

There’s no place for randomness in paid packs.

1 & 2 should be the only options IMO.

Just as bad as any other pack though. In any pack you open you’re expecting to get a pack full of what that packs contents are, eg

DB Industries
DB Baird
DB Shepherd
DB Emblem
DB Camo’s

You would only expect to get anything there. But nope, they decide to completely screw it by putting content from the base sets which you don’t want when you buy a pack like that!!!

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Lel. Spending real money in this game.


Why not? Only if you getting what you want and like, nothing wrong with spending some extra money imo

If u or anyone else want to spend money on g4 that’s ok. It’s season 5, g5 is almost here, tc hasn’t done me or anybody else any favors ( ie. Making fixes) I can not justify helping them out with my money.

Why not?

Because it has zero value, that’s why :joy:

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I simply do not understand the card and pack systim. It is too difficult to understand.

Lol! You are not alone many of us don’t like that. Hopefully next Gears take it out for is unfair whenever you pay for a pack to have common cards and you get to buy multiples to get a whole set smh!

:+1::+1::+1:And a great idea even implimenting more purchases wth the in game credits would be nice to​:crossed_fingers:

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I eant this too please

For real! The only black steel character I’ve ever wanted was black steel JD. Never spent money on it cause I didn’t want to pull Del or Kait.

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It’s amazing to be able to buy a blacksteel character without the RNG factor. To buy what you actually want, and it should’ve been like that FROM THE START ! Too bad we didnt get any weapon skins with a character (the prices are still to high for just 1 character but at least its an effort towards getting rid of the RNG)

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I would buy some definitely, hurry up TC!