Single Black Steel Cards Store

(III EnVii III) #41

Tbh I agree with you that there shouldn’t be anything but eSports Content in the packs - it’s what you are you paying for in the end.

And I got a lot of Commons / Rares however I did get a lot of Epics.

Legendary drop rate was terrible though.

15 Packs

75 Cards

Only 2 Legendaries.

That’s compared with Pack 9 which I bought 11 of and got 5 Legendaries.

But it’s all random I guess …

(HayMaker304) #42

Honestly - I’d be good with buying packs and the RNG if TC would filter out all the garbage. If they said it was 3 characters and 14 weapon skins in your e sports packs then awesome I’m good with that.

I just don’t have the need to pay for cards that I can earn for free. I mean one of your packs I saw a bounty - a FRIGGIN BOUNTY!?!!!? In a pack you paid money for - that you could’ve gotten for 400cr in a bounty pack for vs or horde. Makes no sense to me.

(III EnVii III) #43

Yeah, I have no need for bounties but got a couple of bounties - they are cheap to craft and also you get them for free as a daily reward too …

Underhand tactics are very anti-consumer by TC but they said they have listened so who knows how it will work for Gears 5

(HayMaker304) #44

Honestly I think that’s terrible - if they have listened then why don’t they do something now about gears 4. Changing the RNG barriers/filters would be a simple fix. If they can make a weekly pack then they can surely adjust the RNG factors to match their intent.

I know when the Diablo 3 world complained about RNG drops in Greater Rift waves - it was adjusted and tweaked. When that wasn’t enough they added more waves and higher difficulty levels to justify the better RNG factors. If Blizzard of all companies can do it - then TC should be able too as well.

(III EnVii III) #45

Who knows what TC really discuss and how much they really care.

After all, it’s the money they want.

(HayMaker304) #46

lol they won’t get any more of my money. I’m sure Gears5 will be on game pass on launch day. No need to purchase it. Oh and the season pass? Yea no need for that either when they gave out all the maps for free after they already had my money

(III EnVii III) #47

Tbh I thought the Season Pass wasn’t that bad. You got a shed load of packs and characters and you got to play all the maps early with a XP bonus - and you still get a XP bonus every time you play on the map.

I didn’t mind that everyone had them for Public Games because it’s stops the small playerbase getting split up even more.

(l Ar Ci l) #48

Speaking of unrelated items, I still don’t understand why they allow none black steel skins on eSports packs…??
Seriously is bad enough getting a random drop is not like you getting 10 cards for each crate you buying :smirk:
@lll EnVii lll your 15 pack opening need to be an example to TC of how bad this RNG is in this game and I hope TC do something about it…


They would earn more selling skins that they did not return as the skins of Las Vegas or Mexico. I fully agree that they sell cards separately.

(Dr Codeman) #50

I definitely agree. I have been contemplating getting a pack, but I don’t want to gamble on getting something I don’t want.

(l Ar Ci l) #51

I feel the same is bad already getting a random drop, all I want is the option to buy the characters I want without worrying getting some bs drop lol

(l Ar Ci l) #53

Claro , ir a lo ciego esta mal aparte por eso es de paga el pack , seria lo más logico en mi opinión.

(Aquiles ARR) #54

The only thing I bought were the Fire N Ice and The Best World lancers (along with the MLG lancer) and soon after TC decided to release the complete pack with lancer, gnasher and snub.
And those of us who buy the lancer and want the other two guns? we get screwed and have to pay the full price again.

Fortunately, I have spent very little money on this game, and I will not spend any more after seeing these tricks.

(Aquiles ARR) #55

But that will make less money for them, so they don’t do it that way.
And I don’t think they will one day.
By the way, you have to write in english or they will close the topic.

(D1R3W0LF22) #56

This would be nice because my credit card I was trying to use wouldn’t work so I missed out on black steel armored kantus which is literally like the only character I want

(GRANT C0RE) #57

I think there needs to be a compromise. This has probably been said before but I think this is the best method: TC to keep the random drop BUT filter out already owned cards to prevent duplicate cards. I also think if you’re spending cash on black steel sets, there should not be any common cards that are craftable . The last thing I’d want is open a pack and one spot is wasted by a walnut snub

(l Ar Ci l) #58

Lol! C’mon don’t hate on the walnut :joy::joy::joy: but seriously why including unrelated items on a crate you are paying for lmao

(Bleeding Pepper) #59

There’s so many different ways TC could improve this. A few I came up with off the top of my head (some are much more preferable than others)

  1. Airdrop style bundle which contains all items from this series - all characters, weapons and emblem for a fixed price. Similar to the Run The Jewels bundle.

  2. Characters are sold individually and all weapons sold in a single weapon pack.

  3. Keep RNG but only include items from this eSports series. Remove all non-eSports items from the poold.

  4. Multipack bundles give players a bonus card of their choice. Eg: buying a 5 pack bundle gives you a bonus character card of your choice after all cards are revealed to help people complete collections in cases of poor drops. The 10 pack bundle gives a bonus character of choice plus two weapons of your choice.

  5. Characters are sold in packs with no RNG but weapons in the pack are subject to RNG. Eg: you get the character of your choice but the remaining card slots contain weapons which are random.

I’m sure people can think of other ideas too. That’s just 5 I came.up with on a 10 minute bus ride! :wink:

(HayMaker304) #60

I would do this in a heartbeat. Just call them Series one black steel cards and you get all of them up to a certain point in time

This is how it always should have been. You should’ve just been buying the black steel e sports sets without any fillers.

(l Ar Ci l) #61

Sounds like a good idea a bundle series 1 and so on …