Single Black Steel Cards Store

I’m up to buying if the TC create the Black Steel Store where you can buy any single card you want , plus would be nice for those players who still haven’t completed their collection ( weapons/Characters )
I think is better than those random drop and more than one will be happy to get the skin they like and without the worry of having duplicates… what you all think?


why would they do that when their current model probably earns them more money.


Well probably it’s true but more people are discouraged by the fact they won’t get what they want skin/character wise, implementing this method more players would go and buy more …
imo their would be more and more people buying singles than crates…
Let’s be honest no one like crates so why not buy singles like in Gears 3?
My post is just an idea nothing more


I made a thread like this on the old forum and it got 27 likes before it was mysteriously deleted. So, goodluck…


Honestly just make it one big box of all the black steel stuff. I’d just buy it all in one purchase. Because the RNG sucks - I’ve only ever purchased 3 packs in my entire gears career. The carmine packs. Did I get Clayton? The one carmine I wanted? Nope. Got Ben and Anthony twice. No Clayton. I said screw it. 24.99 down the tube. Never again. This was after playing gears for 10 years.


Honestly they would make money on me that way. If I could get the characters I wanted for sure. Yea I’d be in.

Honestly i wish you could buy scrap in this game but you can’t. Honestly surprised no one has figured out how to dupe skins and skills etc etc like in other games.


Lol! Thanks for the heads up and if this got deleted that means at least they saw it

I’m pretty sure it’s exactly the opposite. Why did they changed the system in the first place? were they selling lots of packs? had it been the case then they would’ve never switched to the guaranteed character packs.

The first time I saw a blacksteel character I was very interested, after I saw the price not so much but still willing to, but when I learned about the “lottery” system I said nope. Pack #6 brought the guaranteed character which convinced me to give it a go so I did, I bought a few and got what I wanted from packs 6&8. Pack #9 was ok but not really interested, bought one just because I liked the primordial weapon skins.

Is there a point to this story? Just to let TC know that with an individual card / pack system I would have spent 10 times more than what I have so far. Sure they’re going to loose on the people buying 5-10 packs but just think on all of those that buy one or two every now and then or even better, those unwilling to buy lottery packs yet willing to pay for the character / skins they want.

Which system makes the most $$$? 100 people buying 10 packs each or 5000 people buying 1 pack each?


That would be awesome, i’m missing about 10-15% of the cards released in the packs 1-9, so i can pay to 10$ to get a character i want. :slight_smile: Hope theyll’ bring out this method in the future.

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I wish all Exports packs were priced like the Run The Jewels pack was. $20.00 You get everything that in the pack… The RtJ pack was the only one they did right… I’m missing like like 5 or 6 of the B.S. characters… Still need the BS gnasher and embar… I have spent 9000 Bing points a month to get at min 1 pack, and I have spent some real money to because this is my hobby… Would be nice if it wasn’t such a convoluted system…


That would be an awesome idea. Even if they released them the way they do Series content.

Spend $10-$15 on a solo skin?..nah I’ll pass…

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Typically, what players think is better for them isn’t better for the developer.

While I wouldn’t mind paying $1.99 tops for a single card, I’m sure TC is more comfortable with getting $9.99 a pop with the current RNG system. Way more profitable.

Yea I agree. The griffin skin was over priced for how easy the achievement was to earn it. 750 kills in horde is nothing honestly. Few hardcore runs and boom I was done.

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Wasn’t there supposed to be some sort of law about purchasing RNG packs with tanglible cash be akin to

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That law is being exercised in other parts of the world. Hawaii was fighting hard to get that law passed for the US, but it ultimately fell through, however, they haven’t given up yet.

A few places in Europe have outright banned lootboxes and others have very strict regulations on how they work. One, for example, is to have the player know what they are buying beforehand, which is arguably the most important aspect. I’m not talking about how TC does it with “one guaranteed character”, I’m talking, “guarantees Black Steel Cole, Primordial Dropshot, etc.” in the description, which is what everyone prefers I’m sure.

Yeah! I know the RNG is the best way for them to get a lotta more money but the idea selling singles sounds better than the RNG they have now

I completely stop buying black steel packs. I am done spending money on these packs filled with random and duplicate content. I didn’t see such lottery type of system in any other game. There should be a limit.

I spent lot of money to complete content of esport supporter pack 1 , but still missing two characters. I have no courage to open more packs. :frowning:

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That’s why I would like the idea of selling the singles , I think you are not the only one that stopped buying all together … so let’s hope they do something completely different in the next installment because one way or another we the people that spend money need better treatment. I never like the idea of earning credits to buy crates ir gets tired when you have to grind to save enough…
Unlocking characters via progression and doing challenges seems the best way this is totally out of the topic but that how I think should be lol

They’ve thought about this, trust me. They’ve thought about many things.

This is simply the system that they think makes them the most money. It creates hype and urgency. There’s a lot of psychology behind it

Anyway its not about us. You do realize that don’t you?

It never is. It’s business.

If they decide putting them all up for sale at once and get rid of RNG will make them more money then they for sure will set it up that way. Guess the decision just hasn’t been made.

They could try it as an experiment. But then if it didn’t make them as much money then reversing it to the d way would piss a lot of people off.

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