Since when can a third person chainsaw you during a chainsaw duel?

It used to be that if two people were in a chainsaw duel, a third person couldn’t use their chainsaw on the enemy engaged in the duel until after the duel was over. Well, I was just in one and I thought “oh well, this guy is going to get me after I chainsaw his buddy”. Nope. He just came and chainsawed me. When did this change? I know this isn’t a major issue, but it’s lame when the game changes and you don’t even know about it.

It’s been in GOW since the beginning if I remember correctly. I didn’t play GOW1 online at launch, but it was definitely a feature when I did play it a few months later; and was in GOW2 from the very beginning. The same applies to any attack - if you’re in a chainsaw duel you can be killed or DBNO from any attack - bullets, melee attacks, Retro charge… people do it to save their team mate.

Older titles, yes. But not 5. I could’ve sworn you couldn’t just chainsaw someone while they’re in a duel with someone else. Maybe I got it wrong and you can’t do it from behind them but you can from the front? Idk.

It’s always been in the game. I suspect you probably don’t see it very much because it’s slower and alot of players just use the Gnasher because it’s quicker and doesn’t leave them exposed. I don’t see it very often myself, but then I don’t play PVP much (last time was in Op 6).


Im sure ive had this happen to me in vs, someone was getting chainsawed and i couldnt chainsaw the other person.

Similar to when a bot is beating down a teammate in pve and the chainsaw does nothing.

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Could be a hitbox/command registration problem. Sometimes there’s a big delay in my character being able to intervene when a PVE bot is trying to beat down a team mate. I notice this happens if you’re on uneven ground (you end up performing normal melees or the kick).

I was trying from the side and nothing would happen, this happend almost everytime in this match i played as the other team had new players and they would only chainsaw. We started to do the same😁

This is probably one of those moments where something rare has happened to me more than once so I thought that it was the norm. I hate when that happens. Now I look like a big goof.

Tc probs couldnt get the animations right and decided to call it a “feature”

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Not really👍


Yup. When you consider the wider community, this doesn’t even register! :wink:

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Only once I could chainsaw a Pouncer! :sweat_smile:

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I just recently chainsawed my first pouncer on the Gatekeepers. But don’t know how to show the clip here.

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its a CHAINsaw battle. its chain.

I’ll walk myself out