Since we have to wait 3 months will there be more then 2 maps released?

Did they say how many maps are coming in December? Cause if it’s just 2 and then we have to wait until March for more that would really suck. I’m hoping for atleast 4. That would be fair and the wait much more tolerable.

From what I understand, it’s just two per 3 months.

I hope they’ve just communicated that badly, because it’s far too little.

If it were 2 new maps, and two maps from gears 4 every 3 months, it would be fine

I would not get your hopes up. I dont expect anymore then 2 to 3 maps tops. If we get anymore than 3 i will be very very surprised.

Better be 3 then

the way this game is going we’ll be lucky if theyre not 2 maps from gears 4 that are already currently in private match


Lol I would die laughing

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2 maps would be so bad.

I will say it again, they should’ve had a trial operation lasting the first month. Nothing major just to get feedback on it.

Then by around this time, release two new and/or classic maps (jacinto, river).

The first or second week of December seems very far away for this game.

Then March 2020? Then June 2020?


I know I would be ok with 3 maps every operation. Maybe 2 new and one old. Def Mansion, River, and jacinto need to be remade. Those are must if they are remaking any maps.


yeah two and 1 would be perfectly fine. the problem with waiting three months is that we needed to have the game packed with content at launch.

there are things like characters, modes, executions, and game modes that they are keeping locked away to add it later.

Ya very true but maps to me is the most important thing to keep things fresh. Characters we know are coming so I’m not to worried about that but ya waiting sucks.

I feel the same way, but they’re only bringing two, so let’s hope they’re good at least.

I know they showed only 2 map tiles when they were explaining how operations work but did they for sure say only 2?

Well that’s what’s been said in and out of the forums many times, so I’m assuming it’s correct. But no I haven’t seen TC mention the exact number.

Ook well they should be smart enough to know 2 maps all the way until March so 2 maps in 6 months is a big no no. 3 isn’t much more but that extra map does help so let’s hope.

I mean we are talking about TC unfortunately so I doubt they’ll go the extra mile. However I did forget to mention that they are thinking of adding some of the Gears 4 maps that’s available in private horde to the rotation in versus.

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Ya I know but I don’t want them to use that as an excuse to only give us 2 maps.

Jacinto and River would be sick! It would make up for some of the bad blood between us and TC if they did that.

Knowing TC though, we’ll get icebound night and foggy bunker as the next two maps :rofl:


You ■■■■■■■, I literally came here to make a joke about them just releasing the existing maps with different weather and light effects and call it good.

Gridlock and Old Town would be my classic maps to revive. Can’t get more classic than Gridlock.

:rofl: you mean I beat someone to a joke for once? I’m scared :open_mouth:

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I’m dying :joy::joy: if they actually do that though… That would be crazy