Since they are going to change the movement, why not make a beta with weapons that are used similar to gears 2 or 3?

I feel that although the movement of the beta is not entirely to my liking, there are good things in the movement of this beta, such as the fact that they no longer seem like roadrunners all over the map, however the change of just the movement does not. will do. it will not bring any visible benefit to multiplayer as the game continues to help you a lot, and lately I played gears 2 online and it really is a challenge to correctly target what does not happen in gears 5 in the update either beta or currently ranked, but with a handling of weapons similar to gears of war 2 or 3 or a middle point between these the game would be more fun and that would reward the skill a lot, and it would even seem to me that a difficulty in movement like it was in These gears would be beneficial, make wallbonce in gears It was a bit of practice and not just spam, you had to be precise with the wallbonce and which walls you had to see so that it stuck correctly to each cover, this will benefit all types of pla yers, the one that moves a lot will be a difficult target but It will also be difficult to have aim, and whoever moves a little will be an easy target but can compensate for their lack of movement with greater aim. well I just wanted to give my opinion

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I’m not exactly sure what your saying, but I think gears of war 2 tuning was the slowest and worst movement they’ve had in the game.

Stopping power was really high, movement was slow and the gnasher was a sniper.

Those are just my opinions. What I believe is not my opinion, is that TC has slowly been rewarding skill less and less.


I am referring mainly to the way the weapons work and how they were more difficult to aim, in gears of war 2 and 3 you had to have greater precision when shooting and rewarded the aim, now the game seems to aim for you, The movement had to be done more precisely, to make a wallbonce you had to be canceling it because if it did not stick to that coverage, you had to take a good look at the coverage you want to stick, and in Gears of War 3 you could do without canceling but it required that the walls look good for it to do wallbonce, I am not saying that they lower it more at the speed of the wallbonce only that it should be more difficult to do, now in gears 5 you can make wallbonce with a single analog I do not know It requires a good look at the walls, and that without mentioning how broken the alternative is combined with the reassignment of buttons, I am Spanish-speaking and well, google translator I beg your pardon

In my opinion slow movement only works with low sensitivity…

So you dont have road runners anymore… But you still have ballerinas pirouetting a 360 in 0.1s…

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And the problem is that there is no disadvantage for moving like a top because the current configuration of the weapons makes you almost always hit the target, not like in the gears made by epic that when moving you lose aim,
They should make the wallbounce a little more difficult, not that they make it slower, they should make that to make wallbonce you must be more precise