Since "The Surge" Master Solo's are done... how about "The Split"? (Striker)

It felt somewhat tricky, still only took me an hour. Maybe I over-estimated the difficulty of these hives.



Or maybe you UNDER-estimated your skill lol :wink:

I think there was some luck involved with the Guardian/Sentinel behavior in that successful attempt too.

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Yeah, there were a couple of moments where I was almost certain that a Sentinel was going to kill him, but they didn’t. It was still a very good run though. I think it highlights that if you know the core mechanics and the hive well enough, then Escape on master isn’t that hard at all (solo runs are still pretty mental though!).

Look at those instant Headshots are just “Cheating” :wink:


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@CommanderCH2863 isn’t using an aimbot.

He IS the aimbot! :smiley:

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The Guardians pretty much always did the same thing in my attempts, Sentinels as well with the exception where I meet the first two Sentinels at the bridge. Either one of them flew straight at me or both of them (in this case both of them and yes, I did get lucky that the second Sentinel didn’t destroy me).

Anything else around Guardians/Sentinels didn’t have anything to do with luck. That’s just abusing their AI behavior. They fly to certain spots depending on where you are.

What was lucky though is almost all the stuff after respawning in the med-bay lol. I had no control over that battlefield at all. Just luckily landed almost every Torque-Bow headshot while on the LZ which was pretty crucial.

I have not found it consistent at all, for the most part, with the Sentinels.?Sometimes they would immediately charge into the room when I was in the doorway, other times they’d hang around the outside of it during my own Split solo, despite being in the same position. One even flew all the way into the big room and stayed there not bothering me until I killed the Deadeyes and Drone Elites once.

The Guardians, well, I never spent enough time around them in that hive to discern any pattern, or lack thereof, to their movement. And I don’t think they changed the AI of either recently?

U need to stop with these videos, too many people will see these and think master escape is easy and it will only increase the number of low skilled and low lvl people hosting.:joy:

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When you look at the Video and try to Do like his Way…

“Why am I playing like a Stupid?”

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I mean, it’s not just standing in one position. It matters where they’re starting location was, how you approach them (walking, running, stepping over certain points on the map, etc.). Obviously there’s always some surprises but in my runs I managed to get a relative consistent “pattern” of how these guys approach me. I’ve just done Slugger now and it was the same thing. Two Deadeyes and one Elite Drone were too close to the bridge so they were alerted when I stepped into the room, had to take them out instantly. On the other hand the Sentinels were on the right side behind the wall. One of them being triggered by just looking at it, the other by getting into the tile-area where the bridge is. (The second Sentinel didn’t even bother when I shot at it)

With every run you do, those positions are different and hence their behavior. But when falling back, they usually tend to follow the same patterns when you step on the same spots. You’ll notice that when you keep repeating the same part over and over again.