Since the "server issue" thread was closed

Wanting to play tonight but not if the game is still playing like this… Watch till the end

I didn’t get a shot of the pings but they were all under 100 and stable… Not great but certainly playable.

Anyone confirm the servers are actually working enough to play halfway?


Every one pay special attention to the fact that the "not accurate " kill cam replayed 100% exactly what he saw on his screen before he died.

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Think my 1st clip beats your one as the same player kills me 2x while not aiming at me.

2nd clip shows how broken the boomshot is, i made a post last nite with these two clips in it and it got deleted, no reason given.!AhAXlTdP_i3WiS45dd44kFsTHy_d

Wonder what the other player seen,:thinking:

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So, I am not making excuses for this game. But I think I can explain what happened here.

It looks like the Reyna shot where you would have been IF she actually successfully blocked you from rolling backwards.

I can’t even begin to pretend to understand what’s going on under the hood with this game. However, if you look at the exact point where you would have hit Reyna with your roll, that is exactly where the kill cam shows them shooting.

This has been happening quite a bit lately… that is getting killed from being shot where you were, not where you are.


Interesting… Maybe

God only knows with this game anymore.