Since the past 3 days i dont earn rank for wins but drop points for loss

Ok, so this started happening for the first time ever, a few days ago.I dont gain a single point not even 0.1 for numerous wins as MVP, and against much better opponents (the same thing with my friend who’s playing with me). As onyx 3 players we beat diamond teams on multiple occasions ,went on a 7 match win streak and not a 0.01 percent increase in rank. First i though that the website is slow to update the ranks so its ok, but as soon as we get a single loss it drops rank points instantly. i tried to ignore this and have been playing throughout the last few days but its just a lose/lose scenario. Cant seem to get points for a win no matter what and lose points for a loss? Is this a system glitch/error or what is going on? Can anyone please clarify regarding this. I’ve dropped a lot of rank coz of this even though i have soo much more wins and only a few losses. i have officially given up playing gears unless i can get this solved.

This is how the ranking system works:

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Just increase your kills and try to limit your deaths. As long as you’re ending solid with a high amount of kills relative to your teammates, the game will reward you.