Since The GNASHER JANUARY 2020 UPDATE, HORDE Online Gameplay Constantly Crashes /Boots everyone back to lobby

Ever since this stupid update came out a few days ago, we expereinced the worst online HORDE public matchmaking gameplay EVER. The game crashes 90% of the time and won’t let you get past wave 20 for the most part. We’ve tested it with different parties defaulting as the main host and still the game crashes, drops connecton, and kicks everyone back to the main lobby.

Has anyoen else noticed similar issues? Prior to the update, i think the game would crash maybe 1 out of 20 game plays if even. Now it crashes almost 70% of the time.

Definitely not you. I called it before the update came out that each time TC does an update this happens . I’ve along with my friends have been kicked out of versus games and horde games. Tonight wave 46 we got booted back to the main menu. @TC_Octus @the-coalition @N0DEZER0

A few days ago? You mean the update that released yesterday? Haven’t tried Horde yet since yesterday, been playing KOTH. I have not seen that many people mention this, so hopefully it is just a temporary server issue in your region? Don’t know really, just guessing, hopefully not a new bug

Someone started a thread about this a couple of days ago, though I got the impression that his problem was not connected to the update.

I have not played since the update but before that, getting kicked was extremely rare.

I have been booted from my last 3 games of Horde. We get about half-way, wave 25 or 30, and then I get disconnected from the game. I am an engineer so that means all my work is lost. This sucks!

By any chance was there a Lizzie on your game when you get booted?

Lizzie currently has an issue with her silverback crashing the server when it gets destroyed.

Ahh, but if you re-connect to the game all your costs will be down to starting levels, haha, so as long as the game is continuing, there is a huge benefit to being booted :slight_smile: you re-set all the cost increases :slight_smile:

If he was kicked due to the Lizzie Silverback Server Crash, there would not be a game to return to - the entire server crashes and all players return to the lobby.

that sucks…

For real.

A fix has been announced, but no implementation date yet :confused: