Since TC can't fix the game

Do you think we can get a report button? I am so sick of turds as teammates one literally spun around in circles the entire game and the other quit. Each game even if you are winning someone quits. Something needs to be done. If they aren’t going to play the game ban them from it entirely. This is ridiculous. The way they have managed this game is no surprise they let this crap run rampant.

Go to the Social tab and click on the concerned player’s GT in there. It should show a Report function.

Alternatively the XBL report system is also still an option, not that I know whether it is any good for reporting AFKs.


Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks I am going to start reporting these people hopefully clean up some of this nonsense. Yea XBL does nothing unless you send bad messages. The report system on XBL is a joke ill try the in game one thank you.

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