Since ranking up to gold - gridiron

Ranked up to gold on new ranking system but haven’t been able to find a game since.

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Its not your rank. There is something going on right now

@TC_Sera is there any known issues right now???

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Server issues last night.
But also can’t find a game today. Is there not enough people in silver gridiron?

I would say… Probably not. I’m only a silver in KoTH & already have a hard time finding games now. Most of the time the lobby is half filled with bronzes, and KoTH is way more popular than Gridiron.

This is going to be fun getting to higher ranks and not finding any games :-1:t4::-1:t4::-1:t4:
Once again punishing high rank players.

Been on for 2 or 3 hours and only played 1 match. Forever searching.

how is it punishing? there’s a limited player pool.

Nice job ranking gold!


Still can’t find games. This is going to be a nightmare finding matches.
Just want to play :joy:

I feel your pain. As soon as I hit gold in FFA haven’t found a match