Simultaneous Ultimate by 2 Veterans double the recoil compensation

I saw this happening since launch, but never knew the condition that triggers it to happen.

But I saw it again yesterday and finally figured out that it happens if you have two Veterans using their ultimate abilities simultaneously (Double Living Legends!) while they’re in the save cover and are within their effective range of each other,

Their recoil compensation is doubled and it results in their recoil working in reverse direction and makes your aim to downwards.

It’s not like I have access to Gears 5 source code or something,

So I’m just purely hypothesizing based on my understanding of how these are generally programmed and I think this is why it’s happening.

I always thought devs implemented this no-recoil ultimate ability by simply not applying (Zero vector) the recoil force to the aim while the ability is on.

But I guess, they implemented it by applying a negative vector to the original recoil.

So for example, if your last bullet made your gun to aim <up 3, right 2> due to recoil, it is compensated by <down 3, left 2> vector.

This usually gives you that sweet Marcus style no-recoil “time for a little target practice.”

But since you’re now affected by two Veterans, it doubles compensation and your aim ends up being at

<original recoil: up 3, right 2> + <compensation from veteran1: down 3, left 2> + <compensation from veteran 2: down 3 left 2> = <end result: down 3 left 2>

making your gun to reverse-recoil slowly downwards.

Of course, I’m overly simplifying the model here since it’s unlikely that the recoil is actually implemented using Up/Down/Left/Right vectors, (Yaw/Pitch/Roll maybe?), but you get the idea.

Can dev comment on this? Is this an intended feature? Or just an oversight and an easy fix? Or a bug w/ much more complicated fix that won’t be implemented until Gears 5 ceases to exist in the distant future?

Thanks and have a great day.

cc @TC_Shauny


They just forgot to set a lower limit I guess. I wonder if it gives you even more negative recoil with multiple.

Using Lancer Stock card also causes inverse recoil during the ultimate. They should really just put a clamp on it…


Also, having two marksman using their ults at the same time still clash with each other and you can’t see enemy outlines :man_shrugging:t4:

I wonder why this wasn’t tested…was it because you couldn’t have dupe classes at the start of horde so they didn’t compensate for this?