Simple Solution

I keep seeing all these posts of people who have played Gears since its creation saying they’re done because of 5. The most simple thing to do is just play the game with your friends and focus on having a good time and laughing about some of the silly stuff you or your friends do in game.

Gears is known to elicit rage. Every single Gears game has been known to do this. It’s the nature of multiplayer. And I will admit, I have not been happy with how TC has failed with this game thus far. I am not happy that the ranking system, to me, still feels broken. BUT I have decided that I am not going to play the game for a rank. I’m going to play and try to enjoy the things that makes Gears what it has been.

I obviously understand that this is not optimal, and some people will probably think I’m an idiot. That’s okay. I’m just giving my advice. I have raged at this game, and all the other games before. But this time, I’m just going to avoid giving myself an aneurysm by just having fun with my friends and trying to enjoy the game for what it is. Try to do the same, and who knows, maybe we will see improvement in the future.


See I prefer yelling at my tv at lil kids emoting

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Operation 2 is 2-3 weeks and any last hopes I have with this game will be determined by how that will be. TC has done a better job with communicating with the community but there are still so many issues with the multiplayer that need addressing

I agree completely. I know in my own heart, I’m not a Bronze player lol. So I’m not going to let this ranking system get me down.

You know what? I agree.
Ranked Is broken?
Well then Imma play social instead , or Escape.

This game is not fully a trash can , It has some potential.
But I feel like TC is handling this potential terribly.

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That’s how I look at it. We are all mad about how things have been handled and whatnot, but instead of staying that way, why not just play the things that give you a bit of joy? And in that time, we can all hope TC gets it together.