Simple Ranking System!

I don’t understand why gears 4 ranking system is so complicated!!! When I play a game of halo 5 or rainbow 6 siege and win I rank up no matter what …it doesn’t matter if I am playing diamond players silver players or golds!!! Obviously if I play lower ranks I won’t go up as much… but you should always rank up if you win it shouldn’t matter if you a 5 man team etc gears 5 needs to follow Halo 5 and rainbows 6 siege ranking system cause it works and once the match is over you rank up or down right away you don’t have to wait for anything to refresh… coalition needs to consider this!!! I can win 10 matches in a row and I’ll still be stuck at 75% and it won’t rank up smh… but not in halo 5 or rainbow 6 cause their system works!!! You rank up no matter what with wins!!!

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There is a main thread Here

Id advise posting your Ideas in there.

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