Silverback question

I just got lizzie and was doing a private horde just to mess around but when I activated the silverback all I could do was stomp. Do I really need to waste card slots just to have weapons on my silverback? I could understand a salvo being a card but come on.

Haven’t used it myself but from what it sounds like I think you need the skill cards to use the weapons.

Probably. DUMB. And ammo boxes only gave her 1 dropshot ammo STILL

Totally agree. I get having skill cards for it, but I’m baffled how they thought having no innate weapons on the thing was a good idea.

I’m not one of them, but there’s plenty of players that love the old silverback times from Gears 3. That’s probably one of the reasons they brought it back. But to bring back a fan favorite and make it mostly useless until you level the character up is just out right stupid.

It really is a miracle how TC is able to screw things up like this on such a consistent basis.

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I’m done giving them the benefit of the doubt and agree with this. So much of the new tour is a homerun on paper and underwhelming at best in actuality.

Yes u need to us cards, u can use 2 at one time, cryo cannon, buzz saw, mulcher, trishot, I think lizzie is awesome once u get a decent setup

I do not see any bleeding with the bleeding Mulcher card on… is this only me?

Not just you. It’s bugged,