Silver 2 - is the ranking system broken?

im going to pick 1 topic here as there are 2 main ones that im aware of:

  • most people seem to be stuck in silver, if you get out of that then ranking up is easier.
  • the in match score board does not correlate with the ranking score .

i want to understand why the in game score (the scoreboard you see while you play the match) does not seem to match the ranking points (the score you can see after the game)

you can smash during the game, get MVP or a high number of points and still get less Rank points than your team that scored less Match points.

if we consider all my examples are compared with other people of the same rank.

  • got the MVP, positive KD, another person in my team got a higher Rank Score.

  • placed 2nd in the match, positive KD, mostly supporting with the most downs, A team member that took the kills got more Rank points. in the subsequet match

  • on Training Grounds, 11 elems (several where kills) with 2 deaths, I spent most of the time in cover, we win, placed forth, over 1400 points in the match, but got minus Ranking points

it looks like you can get loads of match points, and still get less Rank points than others who got lower match points. this seems especially true around elems and supporting the team to win (cover firing, and holding key positions on the maps)

this seems odd, can we have this reviewed?

My friend the best game I ever had was in King of the hill. 29,000 points, 148 eliminations, 28 captures, MVP, we won 2-1 and the other team was favoured by 7,000 points. I got -17 yes minus 17 points, it baffles me how I can lose points for having a godly game against sweats


Yes, it’s broken. Silver is basically a catchall for the majority of players, with both total noobs and skilled series veterans chucked into the same tier. It’s making matchmaking a nightmare, with evenly balanced teams exceedingly rare right now. The rank points system is completely Pepega, which means nobody is sorting into different tiers based on their ability.


watch you k/d, your actual k/d not your elims/d

and it also goes round by round

say you go 85 elims and die 42 times in a three round game

you could have done badly in two rounds and one good round - you will lose overall rank

you can possibly only go positive in one of those rounds regardless of anything else

Day 16ish (Execution was released later after release),

Still stuck in Silver 2.


A decade old and legendary skilled Gears player


haha same im stuck at silver 1 in execution , hahaha silver 1 , my rank hasn’t moved up more than 50ish % . I was onyx 1 and 2 in execution and escalation in gears 4

you can only carry a team so much , but im obvi better than ppl in silver 1


Yes it’s broken, but has potential.

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This Game is broken. I don’t care anymore cuz the devs don’t care about their Community. They don’t listen to the player base. The Game is since 3 Weeks available but unplayable asf. Everything is wrong with that Game.

I won all 5 KOTH games with MVP in 4 and 165 elims in one of the games and I get silver 2…

In gears 4 the lowest rank I’ve ever received from ranked was gold 3


It’s broken as hell, but still not a single response from @TC_Octus on why, or when they’re going to fix it…

Silver is 1 big giant grind-fest… :relieved:

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Been silver 2 since game started. Was high onyx 3 in gow4

But…I actually don’t care.

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The game is so bad, garbage is even a compliment for it.

I already lost like 30 ranked matches and I’m still silver 2, I’m pretty sure I should be copper lmao

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yeah i know, i tried to make sure i mentioned elems, actual kill and k/d

im not enjoying the elem thing, it adds to this confusion.

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In 4 I placed in Onyx 2 every season, then I would play a little bit and would hit Onyx 3. One season I managed to get all the way to Diamond 3 and I was ecstatic, however, I would place myself in Onyx if anyone asked. In the Gears 5 tech test I once again placed in Onyx 2.

In Gears 5 (full release) I placed silver 2. After tons of play time I finally got to Silver 3. Then I realized how the ranking system works and was informed that it is possible to De-Rank from lack of playing. This made me lose interest in playing VS. I can’t just play all the time to ensure I don’t lose rank.

With all of that said, I love Gears so much! This franchise means a lot to me and has for a very long time. I loved the story for 5, but I just can’t play online anymore. Why put up with all of the Lancer camping just to be stuck at silver 3 and know that even if I make it out of Silver I won’t be able to maintain a decent rank ? I hope some changes come that get me back in it, but if not then I hope other people can find enjoyment where I am having trouble.

In KOTH it was. Got to Gold before flashbangs and quitters made me switch game types until they fix the problems.

I’ve since started playing Guardian, and I’m almost out after less than 10 quick matches.

i dont mind to have to rank up it just when games feel like onyx and dia games when im trying to get out of a rank or the games that you have that no one know what they are doing lol and you go all out and win but you get -200 what happened .i did notice that this started happening since the last big update before that i was climbing up in rank fast never had any - games in wins my play style didnt change and the people i play vs are ether the same or lower then me and i have never have a bad game where i knew i was under kd. but what can i do but just play and see what they do or they just want everyone to go after kills and not worry about anything else cuz i been having that in my games also where they dont care to help you up help you at all and just get the kill and steal kills and walk by you and leave you there to chase some kill .

Yeah I’m playing KOTH. But switching might to a different game mode might be a good idea indeed! Going to try that tommorow night.

Couldn’t find a single match for Guardian in Gears 4…

yea the elims are ridiculous , I had an execution game first round there was 10 eliminations haha with 5 deaths

another match I threw a flashbang and got an elimination haha I started laghing like how could I get an elim from that, but the small damage from the flashbang is apparently enough for the elim hahah

basically just sneeze on the enemy get a kill,

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The whole game is broken…fun sometimes?maybe until a 4 year old beats you. just play apex untill they fix this horrible game in agreat series!