Signs to leave game when you see this in wave one?

I know quitter ruin the game BUT when they do this in wave one, it’s just waste of time to stay?

Just now I just quit from daily when I saw lvl 20 mechanic do lvl 3 and 4 barrier in first wave. Is this justify to left the game?

Let talk about what u thinks qualify to quit the game.


Red flags for me are :

First thing built is an MG sentry.

If an engineer demands deposits(esp as the host) even from classes who benefit more to use the power on perks. Personally, I just find they either do this to build unneeded stuff or to compensate for not being very good engineers to start with.

If randoms start building stuff when there’s an engineer present and/or don’t stop with it when told not to(or if they’re not kicked by the host). Usually they’re the same ones that will upgrade your barriers from level 1s or 2s to level 3s or 4s as soon as they get an opportunity to.

Those are the things I can think of right now with my brain operating in half sleep mode.


The only thing that makes me quit games that im not hosting is a slugger throwing shock grenades at me lol


ah, good ole shock grenade for the Blademaster character, lol. One of the most annoying things!


Signs I’m about to waste my time so might as well leave:

  1. Fab isn’t dropped to see where taps are.

  2. Fab is dropped but tap area is ignored in favor of setting up at the opposite end for no reason. That or just putting the fab in the weirdest place.

  3. Engineer is clueless and builds something that isn’t necessary at the start, like a sentry or decoys.

  4. Jack wants to smelt in Frenzy and the engineer thinks that is perfectly fine.

  5. Classes that don’t need perks at the start don’t deposit at all.

  6. “You get a perk instead of depositing everything and I’ll leave and you’ll have no engineer”. Thanks, I’ll leave first.

  7. Someone is spamming shock grenades. Regardless of what classes are present, it seems at some point they’ll throw a grenade at team mates and cause downs because it throws people off, or worse - immobilizes CQC classes or makes Gunner drop their heavy.

  8. Arcade room.

  9. People picked classes that are bad for a certain daily, then complain the game is bugged. Basically this person might as well not be there, so we are a team mate down from the start.

  10. There is no locker etiquette. Either people weren’t taught to share in kindergarten or they take over others’ lockers because they think they deserve them.

  11. Unnecessary GL spamming when I am playing a precision class.

  12. There is an engineer but someone else thinks they should take over their role, and buy, upgrade or relocate stuff.

  13. When I am not playing a one-shot class, people constantly stealing the 1-hp enemy I probably needed to kill to stay alive.

Could probably think of more, but blood is boiling enough by just writing this.


Perfectly said

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I once had an engineer build me a forge when I joined in on their frenzy, at wave 8.


Not just for BM, when I try 2 other melee class(striker/protector) I got shock like hell for those slugger too #*&$

I quit the game in wave one because

  1. I just get bored suddenly

  2. The host just instantly start the game and I haven’t think of what I want to play

  3. I have no idea what I’m doing seeing those noobs

  4. Some selfish players drop my weapon on the locker and replace them

  5. Non-Engineer build a freaking sentries when I’m an Engineer. However, it’s fine to me when non-engineer build barriers because they may feel unsafe in their position and I can just look at them walking like a snail and laugh at them :grin:

  6. Noob Players throw Shock grenades when I’m playing melee class. I don’t why if I have gained so much respect as I’m super rarely encountered this problem. literally 0 case.

  7. There’re walls of toxicity and negativity to the host in the In-text chat / Xbox message.

I usually play with my multi stack members, so nothing is really special to push me to quit the game.

People standing at Spawn spamming Dorky Laugh
People standing at Spawn spamming Boo
People standing at Spawn spamming
Someone demanding “Mic”
Someone turning my Sentries Red
Someone turning my Sentries to face wall
Combat Medic using Ult to revive themselves


If a Sentry is in the way, I will move it. Otherwise, it will be left alone.


I usually put them against a wall


I feel like throughout this topic a lot of the reasons for quitting which are all good some maybe a bit too hasty are all generated from playing with randoms🤔

I once saw some engineer set up the sentry like barrier on blood drive, leave no path to walk thru go up and down.

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Had a random group on reactor, 3 people built themselves into the middle with turrets, lockers and level 4 barriers. They couldn’t move from there, was fine until a grenadier got all of them… And then the boomshot scions… Fun times.

It doesn’t justify it. Actually, most of the things people write on this post is nonsense—players can do whatever they want as long as it is permitted. Moreover, specificities like roles do not exclude others from doing the same task as long as it yields the same result, i.e., anyone can pick up energy, though there are some roles who can do it better. No reason to leave nor fight if it doesn’t affect the wave’s success.

The only sensible reason for leaving early is not having the required level to complete a wave. Some people leave too early without giving it another try and sometimes their capabilities are not enough.

Clayton won’t give me his Retro when I’m Paduk or Marcus.

Uh… but if there’s an engineer in the group and some non engineer start building sentry or barriers? You say it’s nonsense to leave the game? And if an engineer start building sentry but not barrier and locker in wave 1, it’s not sign to leave?

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Sure they can

Don’t agree.

I can do what I like you’ve already stated that. And I won’t play with idiot players who don’t play the game properly.


I do #12 sometimes cause the eng is horrible, so i have to take over, but if its early i just leave cause i dont have time to kill and build

I have come across some really horrible eng even at level 20 on master