Significant Bug found with bots in horde

So I’m playing horde right now, and I’ve noticed I’ve been hearing the bots constantly saying stuff about their gun jamming. And then I remembered the reload changes implemented a few weeks ago.

So it seems the bots haven’t been reprogrammed to fit the new reload system, and as such they keep trying to reload like it’s still the old system, and jam almost every single reload. Not sure if it’s happening in MP as well but I just noticed it in Horde and thought it was definitely worth bringing up. I’ll submit a support ticket soon as well


Definitely submit a ticket. I have noticed this as well.

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Wait, bots can jam their guns?

Holy crap!

Also, take this with a grain of salt, but a friend of mine swears he was mantle kicked by a friendly both in horde yesterday.

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I’ve had a friend share a clip of this kind of incident to me. It is a thing.


bots saying weapon jammed was there before update
i hpe it’s only a comment and not realy jammed weapns, that would make them even less useful

Lmao I think if a bot mantle kicks a drone or reject or something and you’re nearby it will stun you. But if it just straight up mantle kicks you in open ground that’s great and I hope they don’t fix it for the luls

Well a clip I’ve seen is a player getting knocked out of a piece of cover by an allied bot that then proceeds to take cover nearby. I’d be more annoyed than amused by it because of how terribly useless they otherwise are.

Not sure how it works but I remember Horde before the bots rarely said anything about jammed reloads and sometimes they’d even say some quote because they hit a perfect reload. Now all I hear d for half a wave before I paused and write this post was “cmon gun work” “dammit” “guns jammed!” And stuff like that. Like literally almost every 5 seconds it seems with 4 bots