Sign in status changed

Anyone else encounter this error? Playing on PC all drivers up to date never had much issues with gears sign in until today …

It either signed you out or your profile switched with another one. That’s all I can think of. And yes, it’s happened to me before, but not a PC.

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Crazy thing is I only have my profile/Microsoft account on my PC and only my account logged in Xbox app…not sure why it would randomly sign me out but ty glad it’s not just me

Happened to me this morning for the first time. Went from Wings 2 to level 1 with default emblem. Lol. Scared the hell out of me. I crashed the game and it was normal again after restart.
Either a server or update glitch. Probably server.


I had this happen a few updates ago. Had flashbacks of my Gears 3 rank reset, lol. At least I had a backup save back then.
Anyways, I did like you and closed out the game, restarted it & all was good.

@SM0KIN_D4BS - Console player here, I’ve only ever seen that when I switched profiles in game.
Sorry, no other info from me.

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Mod edit: Please post in English only as per the forum rules.


This is on the PC version. I’ve been having this sign in status change problem too. Reset xbox live and the game, Also reinstalled and logged in and out of the Microsoft store. It even has this error when I’m not connected to the internet. Super frustrating. This guy had the same problem . If you read through the comments one guy was thinking it was related to the xbox identity provider. IDK.

This guy as the same problem too

Has anyone found a good fix to this?