Sigh (no spoilers) general game comments

It’s been tough, to say the least. I always play campaign first and its been a chore to finish because stuff doesn’t track or I’m constantly shoved to offline mode. I had to pick up collectables 3 or 4 times to get them. When pushed to offline saves don’t track and then I’m starting from a previous area already complete. It has lag tendencies. I’ve been pushed to the menu. I’ve had to restart the game several times due to progress loss or game locking and then, of course there was the black load screen infinatum.
So far, it’s sad. I just can’t imagine trying the multiplayer if there is this many issues in just the campaign. I can’t even get the buddy system to work right for co-op.
Side note: I absolutely HATE the inverse omen with a passion. It’s not a good change at all. The screen is just too obscured and I just don’t think it’s good for gears in general. The normal omen was what made gears unique. Trying to make it like other games is just… (sigh)

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I’ve only been able to make it about 30 minutes in the game before one of the mentioned issues crashes the campaign. Love the gameplay, but so many bugs I have made no progress in act 1.

I can only attest for the new horde multiplayer. I don’t play p vs p and I get booted from server before I can ever play escape. Horde is bad. In nearly every way. It’s really off putting.