Sid Redburn and Mikaila Dorn in Gow5

I saw a video on YouTube with a guy saying that soon we will get Sid armored and Mikaila stranded from gow tactics in GOW 5!
Is that true?? Is confirmed?
And also after hivebuster dlc where we saw Hoffman and Prescott is mentioned, is there a chance to get both of them soon in gow5?

Seems like it. It doesn’t surprise me at all as Tactics was made on the same engine as GOW5, so Sid and Mikayla will have character models created. Similarly I wouldn’t be surprised if Prescott appears as well as he obviously appears in Tactics although this isn’t confirmed.

With Hoffman, again there’s no official confirmation but the Hivebuster DLC has renewed optimism that he will appear in GOW5. Previously we were thinking that as his voice actor had retired and experienced some fairly major health problems a few years back, we figured that he wouldn’t return. But given that the voice actor returned for the DLC there’s a strong chance he also did the multiplayer lines during the same recording sessions.

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They’re definitely coming, most likely mid-operation with the Lambent characters(Seriously why weren’t they there on OP5 launch?)


I hope there are the next group of COG characters

Aaron Griffin