Sick of the matchmaking garbage

Season after season its the same old crap… im onyx 1 friends range from bronze 3 to gold 2 and what do we get paired up against…diamond 3 to 5s in group

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Diamond 5s are all jerks. Diamond 4 for life here.

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Rather than venting your fustrations, it would be best if you post some constructive feedback in the main ranking system discussion thread on what TC shoud do to improve the ranked matchmaking.

But I do agree, matchmaking with people that are on another level is absurd.

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As solo player i want a way to turn off party play so i can play as a random with randoms, against randoms.

It would be amazing no more lossing to pathetic people that only pair up with one another to win.

Trust me i have . I even chatted with some on twitter and xbox .

I dont think that will help. As far as I know TC wants to keep all discussions on that thread. Dont think giving feedback on twitter is helpful since they may not see it.

It’s a team game. If you think people talking to each other is the only thing holding you back, you need to change your approach somewhere along the way. There’s a lot of options.

I agree with the OP that the matchmaking can be frustrating. It’s usually fair to me but one in every 4 matches or so are just stupid unfair. I used to blame the small player pool but last week I was given 4 bronze players on my team and we went up against 4 onyx and an unranked. This was at 7 at night when matches take under a minute to form. Clearly bad matchmaking.

I like facing tougher players, but I’ll gladly wait an extra minute or two if it means the system puts together reasonable matches.

Diamond 5s seem to exclusively spawn camp and use the lancer like theres no tomorrow when ever i fight them

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And they have 100+ ping every time. Smh they would be Gold if they had good ping and weren’t rewarded by lag compensation.

Also sucks when im from jersey and my teamates either have no mic on or surprise surpise from mexico so trying to even do call outs or anything is a chore

This is so true!
Basically, the highest level rank is to avoid any close combat but sit down and active lancer everything that moves.
Diamonds leaning toward being lancer aimbots.