Sick of getting 96,97,98 and 99%

What the f is going on with this game man , I’m sick of it , literally every game I play now I get these percentages when hitting them multiple times and I get botted for it

Maybe come one step closer?


Shouldn’t have to when I’ve hit them within gibbing distance is

Well the game clearly disagrees.


Maybe I should have added that “clearly the connection disagrees” as well…? :blush:

“I’m sorry, but the server doesn’t agree with your opinion. Please try again.”

Get closer.


I’d rather get high 90%s rather than consistent 83s from Gears4. But with varying ping of players, delaying just a few extra milliseconds could mean death or kill trades. Those precise distances needed to just be inside gib range yet be the first to fire is going to be difficult to do.

As far as I’m concerned, if you land all 10 pellets from the Gnasher on an opponent, they should die regardless of TCs programmed gib range. I have issues with poor hit detection logic when the game clearly indicates that even 100% accuracy is, somehow, not enough.