Show your highest amount of Energy in the Fabricator

Thanks for the maths lesson! :rofl:

I wasn’t sure if it was +175% or x175%, but thanks for the clarification and the hp levels were hypotheticals rather than actuals. 1000hp barrier or 10,000hp barrier, makes no odds to me, one just takes longer to repair than the other.

The only time I have problems with barriers going below the 50% threshold is in the first 10 waves or so before I’ve been able to perk damage. Even then there’s so few of them, maintaining them at 100% is no problem.

There is no benefit to having barriers at such high health in my opinion and one very specific downside—the repair time.

Even if only half of say 40 barriers get destroyed that’s 20 x 5 seconds = 3 and a 1/3rd wave (interims) of constant repairing, where you can’t do anything else but repair. If you’re brave enough to repair them during the wave, that’s on you.

I never use the Stim card, I think there are better cards to play than that one. Nevertheless I do know people who use it and their barriers take a battering. Each to their own.

I just cannot see the advantages of high health barriers and only ever see the disadvantages.

Hi jewel:)

So this time Around no Super Energy Mod.

Of course the absence of Powerdrain still played a Role though.

Whenever I see the power reaching 100k I just feel the urge of placing down lvl 4 Forges… the more the better


Good luck Forges

Lmao, i rather build some more Decoys.

Technically, you can use the Forges as improvised decoys by putting them in enemy paths…

I remember doing this back when the Jack trolls were afoot in the early Gears 5 days and kicking was inconsistently functional at best, and a Jack troll either did get kicked, or left after realizing Survivor wasn’t on for that particular match on Insane. Got some use out of the wasted power, at least.

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I just remembered we once build a lvl 4 Forge with Ultrapowerdrain Mod on :joy:

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We had 4 Forges by the end of it :stuck_out_tongue:

@AmicableWall421 didn’t we have a Jack last night who built lvl 4 Forge on wave 8 on Frenzy? Lol
I haven’t noticed until wave 11 that we had one :laughing:

I don’t think it went past level 1, but yes, it appeared some time around wave 8.

You guys still spelling fornicator wrong.


1.22 Million. This was when the 1st Tap appeared on wave 11 in defiance of laws of Thermodynamics:

Interestingly, it was with 3 randoms. We had 4 nice Taps and a hard-working Jack. Del was so sleepy and wanted to quit on wave 46 since we kept the last enemy alive for as long as possible, but we convinced him to stay and witness history.

I’ve also had 1.1 Million on Overload, but that map is easy and you have 4 guaranteed Taps:


So you did play a certain Way to achieve this?

My new Record just happend randomly i mean of course i knowingly keept smelting to reach it but nobody was letting the last Guy live (including me)

Because it was lame *** Turbine 80% of the Enemys were on the left Side so it was easy for me to Wreck a Wave during Hi-jack and continue forging after :joy:

But yeah 1.2 with first Tab on Wave 11 is crazy!

Also no Locust Enemys back then, i think since they were added there’s even more Power available with a Forge-Jack, sometimes there are 8-10 Torque-bows or even more to smelt per Wave.

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When we saw about 500K in the fabricator, we started giving Jack more time than usual and helping more with weapons.

But even these days you’ll have your work cut out for ya to get to a million.

I was told by KriTiCaL LoSky and BERSERKERINA76 they had the world record with 1.6 million on Overload back in Operation 4.

Not surprised i mean it’s the Overload only-Player himself. :joy:

And since it’s a Speedrun most of the Power get’s collected in double-Stacks on Overload.