Show your highest amount of Energy in the Fabricator

Not every map/group will play the same man. I just know some can take 2h.

Bunker comes to mind. Map seems to always take a while thanks to layout.

I think there was some sort of Intention in this Game, it was a complete Random Lobby exept for me and the Engineer but i did notice people started to pick up all the power in the field trying to hit a Million once we hit 800k iafter wave 40, also i did see Jack starting to smelt Weapons again :joy:


I’ve seen over 1,000,000 power in the fabricator before on a game I played on Command. From memory a Jack was smelting.

AH yes, second form Freeza

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It depends…

So many people seem to think its about the power but often it isn’t, it’s about time. If you already have a lot of barriers to maintain when do you have the time to build and move decoys? Less of an issue with RE, definitely an issue with Mechanic.

A decoy does the same job as a barrier—it slows enemies down. If your barriers are doing that job effectively why do you need decoys? It’s just anther fortification to maintain. We have so much power, let it die and build another one? Again time, time to build it and move it into position, time that could be spent maintaining what you already have.

I’ve seen this type of view expressed many times—you have so much power why don’t you build more? Two main reasons, 1/ as I’ve mentioned—time, you only have so much time to maintain what you already have and 2/ we’ve got this far in the game with what’s been built, why is more needed now?

I think the highest I’ve seen in a game was 350k, and that was with a lot of fortifications. Never seen 1 million though. I suppose it wouldn’t be that difficult with a good Jack smelting a lot.

You have seen me doing that as Mechanic on Vasgar (there were 40+ Barriers and 12-15 lvl 4 Decoys on the Map)a few weeks ago, not a Issue at all with the right Cards. :thinking:

Reinforced Fabrication and Armor Plating works Wonders, the first few lvl1 Barriers i put on your (left)side were not repaired for 20 waves straight and still had like 60% Health when i finally had the time to repair them. :joy:

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I bet those decoys were super tanky. Lol

What is your 5 cards build for Mech ? I usually use : healing repair / reinforced fabrication / overclocked locker / discount (don’t remember the exact card name) and I keep custom robotics

Healing Repair, Armor Plating,Reinforced Fab. Ingenuity. Overclocked Locker:
(If a Demo,TB-Gunner or Pilot are in the Team) otherwise i use Overload to help deal with Flyers with the Turret when i got a Team full of CqC’s)

Most of the time i don’t lvl up the Fort Health perk because it’s not needed/im to lazy to repair all those forts.

I do it if there’s a Teamrepair Combat Medic, those Decoys tank 5-6 Snatcher Stomps on Master. :joy:

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Yeah, i use those 2 Cards for Tanky Decoys later and to prevent losing a Locker early.

Just in general makes Mechanic’s life a lot easier the only time it kind of sucks is when a Swarmak or Matriach destroys 8-10 Barriers but since i keep them on Level 1 i only need like 1-2 Waves to repair them.

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It seems that this card is needed especially for a 1-50 horde. I assume you play with a team or not ? Because with randoms I use to have one card for self defense. This is why I usually keep custom robotic (or personal defense for escape)
But maybe I should change because it is not enough for late waves and does not worth a card slot.

If I’m engineer I just spend it on random stuff if it’s this high, it’s not helping you in anyway in the fabricator. I tend to buy the underrated decoys,

When im with “my Squad” we tend to not have a Engineer at all or someone is Robotics Expert because we do use CqC’s or “unconventional” Class-setups like a Claw-Tactician for example and RE can take out Flyers with ease.

When i play with Randoms i still have a good success rate as Mechanic without any offensive Cards.

Don’t get me wrong Custom Robotics is a good Option especially on a Trishot or even the Overkill/Embar ect. in early Waves.

I think in frenzy you can get away with no Ingenuity IF the team is good, i had Frenzy’s where i simply did not have to repair anything for 12 Waves thanks to the team and the tanky Fortifications.

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In this Game there were plenty of Barriers,Lockers,Decoys and even unnecessary Sentrys. :joy:

It’s conditional and situational and largely dependent on the ability of and how good your team mates are. If players are sensible enough to leave the last enemy alive allowing the engineer time to move fortifications I’d agree. But given I play a lot with randoms who take great delight in killing everything as fast as possible and wave advancing it makes things difficult.

I used to use Reinforced Fabrication until I had a really bad experience on Abyss some time ago where a Matriarch bascially destroyed every fortification I’d built. It took me 5-6 waves of repairing to bring all those fortifications back to full heath. Since then I never use that card.

I now use Armor Plating and Overload. With damage perk maxed, fortifications take very little damage as long as enemies are killed reasonably quickly.

Are you sure that wasn’t because I was killing them so fast they never got near your barriers? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Both, of course it makes them last even longer when somebody kills the Enemys quickly.

I did engineer Harbor yesterday and had Barriers up on the left (Ramp that leads to the Foghorn nobody was watching those Barriers)

I “forgot” about them for half of the Game, they were still in pretty good Condition but they were below the Threshold of Armor Plating. so it was time to repair them.

I get what you’re saying! Ultimately it comes down to play style and personal preference.

I prefer the Overload/Armor Plating combination as I beleive for the way I play that offers me less risk and more benefits than the Reinforced Fabrication/Armor Plating combination.

The way I see it, my 1000hp barrier will resist just as much damage as your 1750hp barrier but will do more damage and take less time to repair from being destroyed. The only real advantage your 1750hp barrier has over mine is that it can take more damage to the 50% threshold than mine can—875hp to 500hp, but as long as the barriers are repaired to 100% it ceases to be an issue.

The other advantage Overload provides compared to Reinforced Fabrication is that my Sentries/Turret will do 40% more damage.

Horses for courses, we’re all different!


MATH MODE Just to get the Math right, if your Barrier is 1000 mine is 2750. (+175%)

Your Barrier has 3000 mine has 8250 almost 3x the amount. yours lose 1500 - AP gone, mine will lose your entire Barrier and still will have 1125HP left until AP doesn’t work anymore after that they still have the amount of HP of your Barrier left but with no AP. :sweat_smile:

The Difference is humongous to say the least.

Having longer Repairs is a double egde Sword while it can be a pain after a Boss stomped the Barriers (I have no Problems with that - lvl 1s with 8250 Health take like 5-6Sec’s each thanks to the Repair-speed Perk they added) it also allows me to have good survivability because of being able to constantly put Stim on.

I tend to not repair Forts all the way up on purpose to be able to quickly regain Stim wherever im at, of course you don’t have to use Reinforced Fab to do that.