Show us Players Found when queuing

For Gears 5, I’d love it if you guys improved the ranked queuing progress. Remember in Gears 2 when you queued, it would show you “Player Found” and “Searching for Player”? That showed you how close you were to finding a lobby. Please bring that back.


I agree 100%


I agree 101%


We’d only get frustrated when you’re one player off and you see the found player list dropping =(!

I agree with you

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While it sounds amazing people are going to quit when all of sudden they see 5 names appear at once(stacked)

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Hmm fair point, but I really don’t think that would make sense since the game may have just group up 5-8 solo people before you joined their lobby.

Well yes if you just started searching but if you are 3 people found and you then all of sudden 5 people… it was a common thing in gow2 in my personal experience