Show us how many pellets hit

Gears of War 4 added a feature where it tells you the damage percentage dealt by you and the enemies when you die e.g 83% in 1 shot.

This is a great feature as it shows that you either missed a couple shots or the network lag wasn’t in your favour etc, however, I feel that it should show you how many pellets from the gnasher hit the enemy. e.g 83% in 1 shot (7 pellets) or something like that.

In case you didn’t know, the gnasher uses a pellet based system where you fire a shot, and say x amount of pellets will come out, the more pellets that hit, the more damage you deal, and I think it would help clear up some confusion especially since most players hipfire the gnasher and can’t really see exactly how many pellets hit. Hopefully it’s not challenging to add and can be implemented in Gears 4 or 5


It could be useful.
Same for Overkill.
Also, they could give clear indication if it was perfect active reloaded and whether it did headshot damage because headshot would obviously deal more.


I don’t think the overkill uses a pellet system, it’s more of a shock wave but I could be wrong.

Shooting a wall with Overkill seemed to look like pellets.
It’s a Shotgun after all, these shoot pellets.

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I world really like to see damage figures pop up as you shoot. Mostly because I’ll see blood coming off opponents and push thinking I only need 1 shot, only to find the blood was false and nothing registered at the server.


:+1: I like your idea. But not TC’s two weapon tunings.

They should also show everyone that actually shoots you. When I get crossed and killed really fast I sometimes see the percentage not adding to 100.
And why do we sometimes get 100 percent for a downed enemy? I’m sarcastically asking this, “Is it 200 percent in competitive and 100 percent in core?” It just makes me more stressed when that happens.

It’s just the graphic. There’s not enough room to show more than 2 based on how they set it up.

Also, 100% = DBNO. I don’t know exactly how much over 100 is needed for a kill but I imagine it’s not a lot.

I do agree that it’s confusing. The rendering of damage done in this game is really poorly executed. You can see physical responses but be told you did no damage. You can get points for damage but be told you did no damage.


TC should not use pellets as the basis for calculating damage. The calculation should be based on distance and surface area instead. This would be far more consistent. So many times I have landed 5-6 pellets on an opponent’s head but because of the shape of the pellet spread, the others miss despite the reticle being directly centered on the head.

This was a bigger problem in Ultimate Edition when it first released, as spread was randomly generated, and then they changed to a star shaped spread later on. This created the problem where the 5 points of the star were 1/2 of the pellets, so you could potentially have the opponent directly centered in the hard aim reticle, but the outer 5 points of the star would miss the head, resulting in a directly centered shot but not a kill. While the spread in Gears4 is better, it is not perfect, because depending on the circumstance bullets will barely miss the head or other parts despite being perfectly aimed. It is so bizarre to see in slow mo clips people post when someone hard aims over cover and 1/2 the pellets miss because apparently a SHOTGUN has such a wide spread behind a 1ft wide piece of cover.

Then there’s also the problem TC refuses to fix (or rather, are unskilled enough to fix) that blood will gush out of the enemy and they’ll squeal, but then you die with the screen showing you did 0%. The hit detection needs a major overhaul.


The pellet system is far more realistic but developers need to ensure that it works properly before implementing it in a game, especially one like Gears where there are different character models (for some reason) fast movement and dodgy servers.I feel that a surface area cone would work far better that a cone with pellets distributed throughout but that would need to be balanced and it’s fairly late in Gears 4’s lifecycle (since Gears 5 will be out next year) but hopefully it can be implemented in 5. I’d much rather have consistency than realism.

And the bloodgush issue is annoying, recently, I’ve just been assuming that every enemy has full health, no matter how much I hit them lol Hopefully TC will find a method that helps players identify how hurt an enemy is without ruining the game (like giant damage numbers or health bars probably wouldn’t work) I feel dialogue would be the best option, instead of your enemies grunting or squealing when they get hit in the left toe with a snub, have the audio cue come up only when they reach a certain health limit (3/4 point) and make the panting a little more noticeable. Maybe only show a health bar if the enemy has been spotted? Just stuff they can play around with and find something that works.


i think feedback in form of sounds just like in other games would be useful… like a clear headshotsound…

I think it shows pellets on the body of the enemy u hit same as u hit on the wall

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Pellet Hit Markers like how Fortnite is doing it with their Shotguns.


If they do that get rid of percent system tired of 99% in 3 hits lmao

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I have shot people with the gnasher before and have literally only done 1% in 1 shot.


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Whatever system is used; pellet percentage etc. I guarantee it won’t make you feel any better when you get gibbed. Players will still call BS.

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Welcome to the Gears community where it is literally impossible for someone to be better than you unless it was ■■■■■■■■.

Don’t I know it!