Show the ****** ranks in ranked games!

Its comical that this is even a issue! Show the ranks so ranked matches dont feel exactly like quickplay.


They explained why they don’t.

Official explanation: the rank at any moment in time is just a point on that player’s rank journey, so it might not really reflect their true skill, so it be misleading and cause confusion unnecessarily.

Laymen explanation: rank system means nothing in this game, so there is no point in showing you and you getting all upset about it…

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did they try and explain why you can’t see Friends Ranks either?

Lol that is the lamest reason ever if thats true. Every gears game shows ranks accept this one. Did they explain why they butchered the stats also and only show you a few stats instead of losses. Mvps. Etc?

my theory:

in GoW4 they showed the ranks, and they got a TON of screams like :

  1. how come I am diamond and I have bronzes on my teams??
  2. how come I get onyx on my team who are playing like silvers?
  3. how come I get silvers on the opposite team who are playing like diamonds?

etc, etc, etc…

So their answer to all of these: DON’T SHOW RANKS… so the problem is still there, but there is no longer any visible evidence of it, lol…


That is exactly TC’s M.O when it comes to creating err…novel solutions to simple problems or complaints.
See : flash grenade having to be manually selected, koth ranking not caring about caps, lol fake pings, removing 1 medal from 1 specific mode, I’m sure there are a few more I can’t remember.

I can totally see the meeting at TC where they think hiding them is a great idea.


TC shows re-up even though it’s a journey. Their decision making skills are not good enough for gears imo. They can develop games, but can’t make competent decisions.

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I think it’s good. I think Rank should only be related to rewards–since it’s truly no indication of skill.

well, this is still happening in the game while they should fix the matchmaking with rank restrictions a in bronze can’t join the same lobby as masters without exceptions

New combined feedback thread here