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Show RANK in ranked games?

How is this even a thing where you dont kno the teams ranks whos idea is this its like everything is social mode


Yeah, I’m curious if the potato or two I get on my team every game is a Bronze 1 or 2 like I imagine they are.


They said why. Rank is meaningless as an indication of skill, so by removing showing it, it saves people from being “confused” by it (basically people complaining that they had Silver opponents who played like Diamonds, and had Gold team mates who played like Bronzes).

That’s pretty much what they said…

Then why have a ranked game mode lol…

They’re hiding the fact that their matchmaking isn’t working and pretending like it’s the God of all matchmaking systems. At least that’s what I understood from their excuse as to why they removed it.

In the past, people were pointing out that they were being paired with lower tiered players or pitted against higher tiered ones. I guess they got fed up and decided to hide the ranks rather than tackle the issue.


That sounds about right but still the dumbest thing ever to do in a ranked competitive game there just shootin themselves in the foot

I made this post just after listening to them explain this, re what they said:

Their excuse is that ppl complain about going up against silvers that play like Masters, and vice-versa. My response is how bad is your ranking system that master players are in silver, and vice-versa.


Idc what they say they arent bright when it comes to there game

This is the real reason.

It’s hiding the problem rather than improving it. Don’t forget that the person might not be silver, they’re just “on their journey” :roll_eyes:

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So for what purpose are the ranks if they are not going to be used and are not useful to know the real level of the players?
How can you get so high (G4) and fall so low (G5)?
I know very well that Gears 4 is not perfect, but beside Gears 5 it looks like a work of art.

It seems like they were made by completely different developers.